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The 20 grossest dishes in the world

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It's hard to believe that these disgusting foods are real specialties in some countries! We'll show you the most disgusting dishes in the world, some of which still spend a lot of money on them.

20 top disgusting dishes

1. Balut

That's right: Balut is a fertilized duck eggthat it is cooked and eaten as it is. Mhhh, today there is an embryo!





2. Tuna eye

The tuna eyes can be bought in Japanese supermarkets for only about one euro. Apparently it tastes more like squid and one should definitely cook it before consuming it. There are certainly more respectable dishes.





3. Nakji

Speaking of squid: Nakji is a Korean delicacy and Octopus served alive. Eating becomes a disaster for many, because in its struggle for survival the octopus clings to everything it can grasp with its suction cups. If necessary also on the tongue and in the throat - there are several deaths in Korea every year. There are apparently dishes that are only topped by their deadliness in their unsavory character.




4. Sannakji

It is easier for the guests who choose Sannakji: Here is cut the still living squid into small pieces and drizzled with sesame and sesame oil. But the tentacles still move on.




5. Haggis

The Scottish national dish 'Haggis' is certainly one of the most disgusting dishes in the world. All you need is a sheep: First you take out the heart, liver and lungs and cook them in the sheep's stomach for at least three hours.

Definitely one of the dishes that should not be missing in any 5 star restaurant 😉




6. Escamol

What looks like rice here is of course not one: Escamol are edible ant larvae and pupae made from the roots of the agave plant and especially popular in Mexico City. There they are also referred to as "insect caviar"!




7. Ying yang fish

The fish fried live and served actually comes from Taiwan. However, its preparation is now prohibited there. In China, the ying yang fish is still one of the most popular dishes.





8. Yak penis

That's right: a restaurant in Beijing serves the dish, also known as the “dragon in the flames of lust”. The Chinese believe that the yak penis is good for health and probably also for sexual stamina.




9. Surstroming

Surstromming is one of the most disgusting dishes in the world because of the bad smell. The northern Swedish specialty consists of canned fermented Baltic herring. When opening the can, you really have to be careful that it doesn't explode - otherwise the foul-smelling contents will spread everywhere.




10. Stink bugs

Indonesians love the smelly stink bugs. They supposedly taste like bitter sunflower seeds - Nevertheless, it is better not to give it a try.





11. Mopane

The mopane caterpillars are found on African mopane trees (hence the name). she is an important source of protein for millions of Africans and is usually consumed dried as a crispy snack.




12. Lutefisk

Lutefisk is eaten in Scandinavia and is made from stockfish treated with lye. The dried fish is soaked in birch liquor for a few days before it has to lie in the water for another week so that it can even be consumed again. The consistency of the fish becomes gelatinous. Gummy bears and lutefisk - dishes with the same consistency. Probably not in terms of taste.




13. Khash

The Persian name of this dish literally means "head and hoof". Are literallythese parts of the body of a beef, in addition to the beef stomach, are the main component of the traditional dish.





14. Ikizikuri

The production of Japanese Ikizikuri is now banned in many countries. No wonder, because the preparation of the fish is really cruel: the guest first selects a fish from an aquarium, then the chef fillets it right at the table - alive. While the guests feast on his meat, his heart is still beating. Alternatively, you can throw it back into the aquarium until you want a second course.



15. Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world with an average price of 800 to 1200 euros per kilo. And this is how it is made: The civet, which lives in Indonesia, only feeds on the best coffee crops that it steals from the many coffee plantations. The pulp is digested, the coffee bean is fermented wet in the cat's stomach - the excreted coffee beans are ground into coffee.



16. Rocky Mountain oysters

While they may be from the Rocky Mountains, they are definitely not oysters! Rather the testicles of bull calves. These are peeled, flattened and then fried.





17. Hakarl

Hakarl is typically eaten in Iceland - it's fermented basking shark. Chef Anthony Bourdain of the "Travel Channel" described his taste as "the very worst, nastiest and most terribly tasting dish that he has ever eaten".




18. Casu Marzu

Who would have thought that an Italian cheese of all things would make it into the 20 most disgusting dishes in the world. The Sardinian Casu Marzu is a sheep's milk cheese that contains live insect lavas. The larvae are of course also eaten. The scariest thing, however, is that the larvae are partially gastric juice-resistant and can therefore continue to live in the human intestine. One of the dishes that literally revive the stomach. Bon Appetit!



19. Dried lizards

In some Asian cultures it will be the dried lizards for soups used. Delicious!





20. Swallow's Nest Soup

There are thousands of alternatives to the swallow's nest soup, but in any case it is one of the most expensive soups in the world. The nests that emerge from the birds' saliva are cooked with veal to make a soup. The soup is said to have an invigorating, healing effect.





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