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What actually makes a wall so incredibly interesting that it has this important status and becomes a travel destination for millions of people? Is it the location in China, the spectacular appearance or something else out of the ordinary? I will give you the answer to that and many other questions now, because here you will learn everything about them Great Wall of China.

The Great Wall of China

Facts about the wall

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Facts about the Great Wall of China

First and foremost, it is the unbelievable length of the Great Wall of China that makes it so special: it encompasses an overall length of unbelievable 21,196.18 kilometers. The enormous length is also the reason for the name that the Chinese have given it: in Chinese it is called “10,000 Li-Mauer”, with the number 10,000 for the infinity stands, the name means something like "infinitely long wall". Incidentally, the Great Wall of China extends over 43,000 individual objects and locations, so it is not just a single wall, as is so often assumed.

Facts about the wall:
  • construction: from the 7th century BC Chr.
  • width: 4-10 meters
  • height: 6-12 meters
  • Length:21,196.18 kilometers

Instead, it consists of many sections from completely different epochs. It is estimated that construction started as early as the 7th century BC. The wall should serve as a fortified border and that Empire of the Chinese Emperor protect from intruders from the north. The many observation towers were also used for this purpose, which sounded the alarm with fire signals when threatened and thus made the other guards aware of the danger. So the emperor in the capital Beijing could be notified immediately and send soldiers out. Over the centuries it has been expanded and additional sections have been added. The last extension dates from the time of the Ming dynasty in the 17th century. This 8,851-kilometer section is now considered the main wall and is the most visited.

Myths & secrets about the wall

There are also some myths surrounding the Great Wall of China for centuries. In the middle of the 18th century, the Briton William Stukeley claimed that the Wall even from the moonout would be recognizable. This belief persists to this day, but is unfortunately wrong. The Great Wall of China is by no means visible from the moon, let alone from space. The reason is that the wall with its maximum width of ten meters way too narrow is. If you could see the structure from space, the same would apply to any wider street.

By the way, they are an absolute must on the way from Beijing to Badaling Ming tombs. Here you can visit some of the impressive tomb temples of 13 emperors from the time of the Ming Dynasty. You can feel the eerie but at the same time breathtaking atmosphere not only in the grave temples, but also in the Ghost Alley. The detailed sculptures along the way paid the emperors their last respects on their journey to the afterlife.

How to get to the Great Wall of China

Who one Trip to china for whom it is a must to visit the wall.

Arrival Beijing:
  • Direct flights from Berlin, Frankfurt & Munich to Beijing from 600 €
  • Beijing hotels
  • tip: If you only stay in Beijing for a maximum of six days (144 hours) and then travel to a third country, you do not need a visa for China.

There are good connections and bus tours to the Great Wall of China from Beijing. Also the arrival with the Rental car It's worth it, because on your way you will see sections of the Chinese mountain landscape. Depending on how you want to experience the wall, there are different places that I can recommend to you. The two most famous sections are very well preserved or restored Badaling and Mutianyu, both are located near Beijing. This shows how mighty the Great Wall of China looks. However, you have to expect many other tourists, as these two places are the most popular. However, if you are on adventures far away from mass tourism, then visit, for example Jiankou! The wall is still completely unrestored here and the paths are considered impassable - sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Great Wall of China prices and opening times

If you book a tour to the Great Wall of China, you won't have to worry about getting to the wall. It will from around € 12Complete packages which already include the bus transfer and admission. You can also book extended tours that take you to the Ming Tombs, the Forbidden City and Tian’anmen Square in Beijing, for example. If you are reasonably sporty, you should definitely take the hike from Jinshanling to Simatai with you - you will simply feel a unique atmosphere on the wall and get to areas that are hardly visited by other tourists. The entrance fee for access to the Great Wall of China without a tour is around - depending on the section and season 5-8€, it is usually open between 7.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m..

Guru tip: I recommend that you take the trip to the Great Wall of China in your own hands and arrive earlier in the afternoon, because then you have the wall almost completely to you, as most of the tourists arrive in the morning.

Damage to the structure

Unfortunately, growing tourism often has negative consequences and buildings suffer from the crowds of people. By reckless behavior and taking unauthorized souvenirs with them is damaging the masonry more and more to many tourists.

30% of the wall from the Ming period was completely destroyed

In addition, industrial plans, natural erosion and a lack of measures to preserve the wall threaten the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The damage goes so far that almost a third of the wall from the Ming period was completely destroyed, in total even above70% of this section in a bad condition. The percentage of the wall that can still be described as really good is negligibly small. Most of these areas have already been restored and are therefore particularly popular with tourists.

So that we all and maybe your children and grandchildren still have the chance to visit the Great Wall of China, it is important that you stick to a few simple rules.

Tips for your visit:

  • Be sure to take any kind of rubbish or other items with you after your visit.
  • Treat the structure with care, do not engage in vandalism or any other type of damage.
  • Even if it is not officially forbidden: watch from "parties" or camp by the wall.

Your trip to Beijing

It's unbelievable what a thrilling story the Great Wall of China has to offer over this unbelievable length, isn't it? Have you been there before? Of course, the Great Wall of China isn't the only great sight in China. I have summarized the most important China sights for you in my travel magazine, you will be amazed at what there is still to discover. And now off to Beijing!

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