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Wednesday • 10:10 am

The program "Agenda" takes up topics that are currently being discussed, that move and challenge us socially and that are therefore on the agenda for many people. Guests are invited who look at the respective topic of the program from different perspectives and bring in their own experiences. You can also take part in the broadcast via our telephone number: 00800 - 4464 4464 and by e-mail to [email protected]

As if time stood still ...

Special series at the end of the war

On Sunday morning

Sunday • 8:35 am

Andruck - The magazine for political literature

Monday • 7:15 pm

The program "Andruck" is a guide in the political literature market. Competent reviewers discuss new publications, focus on topics, pick up current foreign-language titles or leaf through political classics.

New music studio

Saturday • 10:05 pm

Here you can find information about contemporary composing and music-making in Germany, Europe and all over the world. The focus is on musical authors of all generations - with their biographies, their thinking and their work. The "Atelier" offers alternating portraits, overarching themes, recordings and in-house productions.

To the point

On the last Friday of the month • 7:15 pm

Here you will find contributions from the slot "Auf den Punkt", including the media quartet, the university quartet, the health quartet and the ZEIT-Forum der Wissenschaft. Since September 1, 2017, the program has replaced the previous program "The Culture Talk".


Sunday • 5:05 am

From cultural and social sciences

Thursday • 8:10 pm

Sociology, philosophy, history, anthropology, archeology, communication studies ... every Thursday the most important things from the cultural and social sciences. Background reports, interviews with outstanding researchers and current articles on study results and scientific conferences.

From religion and society

Wednesday • 8:10 pm and 2:10 am

There is hardly a social, political or cultural conflict in history or the present in which religion and its religious practices play no role. In a monothematic feature, we present personalities, trends and events that have significantly shaped the intellectual history of the West. Programs on the religious history of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism can also be found on this slot.

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