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Application for a hotel management degree

You don't just have to apply for an apprenticeship, you also have to apply for a study place - that's why we show you here which requirements you should meet for a hotel management degree and what you can expect in the application process.

Each university is responsible for allocating the study places in the field of hotel management. Accordingly, the application for the hotel management degree cannot be described uniformly in a few sentences. There are different application procedures from institution to institution, as well as different entry requirements and requirements for applicants. With this article you can get an impression of the requirements to be considered when applying for a hotel management degree.

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General information on applying for a degree

The basic requirement to be able to study hotel management in Germany is the general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) or the technical college entrance qualification (Fachabitur). Since hotel management has not yet been offered as a degree program at universities, but only at (technical) colleges, academies and hotel management schools, the technical diploma is usually sufficient.

For the application for hotel management studies, this means that there is usually no cross-university Numerus Clausus (NC). Instead, the motto “First come, first serve” applies. So the commitments go out according to the order of the applications. This means that the earlier you apply, the better your chances of being accepted. However, the required application documents are usually not sufficient; applicants often also have to submit them internal university application process run through.

With a few exceptions, hotel management or related courses are only offered at private universities of applied sciences and academies. Where the difference between the facilities lies, we have you in ours Article "Study privately or publicly?" summarized.

Study privately or publicly?

You don't know the difference between university, college and academy? No problem! You can find all information in our article about university, university of applied sciences or hotel management school.

Each university can determine internally for its hotel management course how the application process is structured and which requirements apply for admission to the course. Letter of motivation, selection test, personal application interview or working on a case study with a subsequent presentation are quite common methods of applicant selection.

In the following, we will introduce you to the various options for the selection process in order to give you an impression of what the different institutions expect from their applicants and how diverse the application processes can be.

Usually the usual application documents (e.g. curriculum vitae, certificate, proof of completed training, letter of motivation, proof of language skills, etc.) sent to the university or academy. If the formal requirements are correct, the next round, in which the applicants have to complete an internal aptitude test and / or a personal interview. If these exams are also positive, nothing stands in the way of starting your studies.

The application process for a dual study program is a little different because you also have to apply to a company there. You can find out more information in our special Article on the dual degree in hotel management.

Dual degree in hotel management

Private vs. state: two examples of a selection process

In the following, we will introduce you to two special application processes at universities so that you can get a more detailed picture of the process.

You fill out the application form and send your application documents by email or post to ascenso academy. You will then receive an aptitude test by email, which you have to fill out and return within a certain period of time.

An appointment will then be made for a personal information and application interview. You can have this interview either via Skype or on one of the application days on site.

After about a week you will be informed of the decision as to whether you have been admitted to the course.

As one of the few state universities, the Heilbronn University a bachelor's degree in hotel and catering management. For this purpose, 90% of the study places are awarded according to a specific selection process. The points for this are awarded according to the following criteria:

  • Average grade of the university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur, university entrance qualification)
  • Grade in mathematics, German and the highest-grade foreign language
  • Completed professional training (e.g. specialist training in a company in the hotel, tourism or catering industry, commercial apprenticeship)
  • Intercultural experience that is beneficial for the course or practical work (e.g. professional or school experience abroad in a foreign language, preferably in the field of tourism, hotel or catering). The duration should be at least three months.

A selection committee assigns points to these various criteria and the study places are awarded on the basis of the number of points achieved here. Anyone who has already completed vocational training in a hotel has a better chance of getting a place at Heilbronn University than other applicants without a hotel training.

It is not uncommon Motivation letter an integral part of the application for hotel management studies at private universities and academies. This way you can make it clear why you are the right candidate for the course and why this university in particular piqued your interest with this course. How to set up a letter of motivation and which information you should definitely consider here, we have in one detailed article on the letter of motivation summarized for you.

As already mentioned, you should find out about the application modalities of all institutions that are suitable for your hotel management studies at an early stage. Because especially at state universities there are usually Application deadlines for the study application.

So if you want to start your studies in the winter semester (start September / October), it is best to take care of it in the spring, because it often ends Application deadline for the winter semester around mid-July. The deadline for that The summer semester is usually mid-January. However, you should make sure that your desired course is even offered for the summer semester.

It is usually possible to apply to private universities all year round. But, as already mentioned above, the allocation of study places is often based on the order of the applications. It is therefore worthwhile to apply to private institutions as early as possible!

If you are not sure, simply ask the respective student advisory service or check the universities' homepages.

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