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09.09.2005 – 19:17

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

HONG KONG, March 25 / PRNewswire /

Dumbo is beaming. Brass fittings glisten on Main Street, USA, cars that are not equipped with draft horses. Mickey Mouse's tuxedo is perfectly ironed. Even Space Mountain's rocket planes are aimed at the stars.

Everything is in anticipation of breaking new Chinese territory in terms of fun for the whole family. The Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is about to open.

As Disney's 11th theme park and the first of its kind in China, Disneyland Hong Kong is celebrating its grand opening on Monday and introducing attractive family fun under the Disney brand in a highly interesting new place in the world and in one of the fastest growing tourism markets of all.

Guests are offered a theme park made up of four fairy tale worlds, starting with the Sleeping Beauty's Castle, a lovingly recreated original at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Two exciting themed hotels - the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and the Disney Hollywood Hotel - flank the theme park on Lantau Island, approx. 30 minutes from Hong Kong by car, bus or MTR, Hong Kong's gleaming, widely ramified rail system.

On Friday, just a few days before the opening, landscapers were trimming the green and musicians tuning instruments and shutters were getting their finishing touches while the 5,000 cast members (in Disney parlance, employees) took care of the resort for their own the first official guests.

"There is a lot of tension among our cast members as they put the finishing touches on things to set up throughout the resort in preparation for our opening gala," said Don Robinson, Group Managing Director.

The Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, a joint venture between the Walt Disney Company and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government, offers entertainment throughout the day and evening. "We hope to use this to build a lifelong, memorable relationship with our guests that will touch the hearts of millions," said Jay Rasulo, chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

"This resort is a great example of how the Walt Disney Company combines cutting-edge technology with fantastic storytelling to create a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience," added Rasulo.

Thematically perfectly designed Disney hotels are a continuation of the magic outside the park. With a great view of the park and ocean, each hotel is a place of numerous attractions, from the exciting facade of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel to the fun symbols of the Disney Hollywood Hotel.

On Monday, the guests of honor will meet the official representatives of the Walt Disney Company, celebrities and world-famous Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto and Mulan, and usher in a new era at the unveiling of the first real family vacation paradise in Hong Kong.

Disney's fifth vacation resort (the others are located in California, Florida, Paris and Tokyo) offers both new and classic attractions, exciting live shows, a treasure trove of shopping opportunities and cuisine that focuses on the smells of China.

At the opening gala of Hong Kong Disneyland Park on Monday, the curtain will rise over classics like Space Mountain (with new and exciting special effects), the Jungle River Cruise and the Mad Hatter teacups. This offer includes the latest hits such as "Mickys PhilharMagic" (a musical 3-D magic spectacle with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and friends as stars), live shows such as the one "inspired" by the extremely successful Disney cartoon "The Lion King" Festival of the Lion King "as well as the brand new Fantasy Gardens, where guests can meet, take photos with popular Disney characters and get their autographs. This is the most elaborately designed meeting point with Disney characters in a Disney theme park in the world.

The magic of Disney, rooted in creativity and imagination, fills the entire rest of the park - from the happy "Disney Parade", which rolls down Main Street, USA every day, to a bizarre "street atmosphere" (with harmonies of a barbershop quartet) to a nightly fireworks spectacle that colors the sky above Sleeping Beauty Castle against the backdrop of ancient Chinese mountains.

During the big weekend opening festivities, the stars can not only be seen in the sky. The event attracted performances from renowned artists from across Asia. Among the performing artists for invited guests are:

Emil Chau Wakin - best known as the singer of the theme song in the Disney cartoon "Tarzan"; Emil's numerous talents came into play while recording the score in both Mandarin and Chinese.

Andy Hui - a well-known pop singer throughout Hong Kong, millions of people know Andy as the voice of the bear Denahi in Disney's award-winning cartoon "Bear Brothers". In addition to his work as a vocal talent, Andy also recorded the theme song for the film.

Joey Yung - an award-winning Hong Kong singer and actress, Joey received the Best Singer Award during Hong Kong music competitions in 2003 and 2004. Joey's ties to Disney date back to the first presentation of the Pixar Animation Studios film "Toy Story 2" by Walt Disney Pictures on the occasion of which she recorded the theme song for the hit computer animation film. Joey later recorded the theme song for the Disney cartoon "Atlantis".

Eason Chan - this famous Hong Kong actor and singer was voted "Best Selling Artist" in 2003. He was also the voice of Milo in "Atlantis," the Disney full-length animated cartoon.

CoCo Lee - the famous singer of our time was the voice of Mulan in the Disney cartoon of the same name. CoCo also recorded the main score for the Disney film "Mulan", the song "Reflections."

Jacky Cheung - as a multi-talent among Hong Kong actors and entertainers, Jacky is the official spokesman for the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and can be seen on TVB as the host of the "Magical World of Disneyland". He was named the official spokesman for Hong Kong Disneyland Resort in July 2004 and is the youngest member of the Disney family.


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