What is real happiness for you today

What is happiness for you?

Every single one of us wants to be happy. But what does that even mean? Is it about a fleeting emotion that just comes and goes, a goal to work towards, or maybe something completely different? We asked people from the region what happiness means for them personally.

Dennis Budin 23 years old, film director, Braunschweig

“Happiness usually doesn't last as long as we'd like. Maybe it doesn't have to be. Sincere happiness comes to me in moments when I become absolutely aware of something without thinking about it much. I realize how valuable a certain friendship is to me, how another person has understood me exactly or how much they trust me. The state of happiness is difficult to actively establish, but each of us can create a framework in which it becomes more likely. "

Katja Saller 43 years old, naturopath for psychotherapy, Gifhorn

“For me, happiness is the acceptance of all facets of life as they are currently showing without wanting to change them; so a deep agreement with the flow of life. Even if I manage to focus on the little joys of everyday life and consciously enjoy them, moments of happiness arise: the first sip of coffee in the morning, a friendly or comforting word from a loved one at the right time, the purring of the hangover Let the piece of dark chocolate melt on your tongue, a new idea that inspires. Life is full of moments of happiness. Perceiving them is the art. "

Marcel Hellfeuer 31 years old, industrial mechanic, Wolfsburg

“For me, happiness is when you can achieve and live your dreams and goals in life. To experience life with all its facets. "

Charleen Weber 27 years old, social media manager, Braunschweig

"What is luck? If you don't get caught dodging? Or finally find a bigger apartment? An honest compliment or a big hug after a bad defeat? Everyone has something to say about it, something funny, serious, emotional ... but real happiness cannot be measured in situations. Just the pure emotion that you feel when you feel secure, loved, valued, healthy, satisfied - that my friends is happiness. "

Oliver Kern 32 years old, managing director Papa Fuego GmbH and Wintersäftchen GmbH, Braunschweig

“For me, happiness means turning my ideas into reality and seeing that they make people happy. The fact that I can be self-determined and creative and that I can make a difference with my ideas makes me happy. "

Marianne Kahlmann 81 years old, pensioner, Braunschweig

“For me, happiness means when my family and I are doing well. If we have no financial worries that we will be spared diseases and not get infected with corona. I also feel happiness when my guardian angel takes care that nothing happens to me. I can then say: I was lucky. "

Michael Wilkens 38 years old, deputy general manager and head of the Wolfsburg location at the IHK Lüneburg-Wolfsburg, lives in Fallersleben

“For me, happiness is a feeling that comes from spending time with family, friends or exciting people. Health plays a very important role in happiness. Apart from that, I also find sport to be very lucky. Active in nature or on the football field - that is also true happiness for me. "

Jannis Brunsmann 23 years old, student, Braunschweig

“For me, happiness is that warm feeling that flows through me when I look at my life and am simply satisfied. My relationships with my family and friends play a particularly important role here: As soon as they are fine, I am fine too. But happiness is also something that I can see in the little things in life. For example when I can watch my series with a cup of tea in the evening. "

Marie Bender 25 years old, student, Braunschweig

“For me, happiness is a feeling that is omnipresent, but we don't allow it. As soon as we admit to being happy, we look for causes that blur this feeling of wellbeing. So we should free ourselves that happiness has to be something special and enjoy every single moment as it is. Then we will also notice how happy we can be every day. "

Alexander Barnstorf-Brandes 32 years old, IoT Project Manager at T-Systems and self-employed with the company "Flussgenuss", Braunschweig

“I can feel happiness in many small moments, for example when I just feel good and am satisfied with myself. But of course there are also special moments that make you happy again and again. For me that is the case when I see the sea. The sight, the smell and the noises remind me again and again of particularly beautiful moments in my life or in my childhood. "

Kerstin Dopatka-Durston 46 years old, author, speaker and founder of the online shop “Lovely British Somethings”, Braunschweig

“Happiness is seeing my children develop into loving, creative and sincere people with whom I can have wonderful conversations about God and the world. Luck is that my husband is helping me with all his might in building my small business and quickly brushing aside my occasional doubts. Happiness is when my best friend, whom I haven't seen for far too long, is around the corner and we have a whole weekend to ourselves. Happiness is the security that my parents still give me even at the age of 46. Happiness is to know that there is a solution for almost every problem if you dare to leave the usual path. "

Benjamin Urban Freelance illustrator and designer as HYGIN-GRAPHIX, Braunschweig

"For me, happiness means being independent, being able to freely shape my everyday life and surrounding myself with inspiring people."


This article first appeared in the Stadtglanz print edition 17 / December 2020.

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