Where did you have your first kiss

The First Kiss - How To Do It Right!

The first kiss ... If you just think about it, your knees tremble, but the feeling you feel at the moment can rarely be put into words.

The great poets of history have tried to paraphrase the perfection of the first kiss, but no one really got it.

What is so special about the first kiss that you can't put it into words? Everything, just everything!

The first kiss is something we will remember all of our lives. The first time you kiss someone, it stays in your memory forever, and that's why many of us want it to be perfect.

The nice thing about the first kiss is the fact that the first kiss involves emotions. Only a chosen kissing partner can awaken the well-known tingling sensation.

The first time you kiss your crush plays an important role in your love life.

However, it can happen that some first kisses are not as perfect as in a romance movie. Sometimes you are so nervous that you are clumsy and the first kiss becomes a total failure.

This is no reason to despair, you will still remember it with a grin, because you have overcome your shyness and kissed your crush for the first time.

If you still haven't had your first kiss, you're bound to have a thousand questions. When is the right time to kiss? Can you go wrong with this?

Should my first kiss be a French kiss? Does the man always have to take the first step? Can he kiss me on the first date?

Questions like this plague anyone who hasn't had their first kiss. You don't have to worry because the first kiss is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you. You feel a chaos of emotions that turns your world upside down.

The feelings and emotions that will flow through your body are unique and you should enjoy every moment.

How do you kiss for the first time?

Often you see in love movies that the actors rehearse their first kiss at home. They kiss their own hand or just pretend to kiss someone.

All of this is completely normal, and if you've already done it yourself, don't be ashamed of it.

The first kiss is forever, and it's okay that you care so much about it. The first kiss is difficult to rehearse because you never know who your kissing partner will be.

Snogging always looks so easy, but when you think about taking the plunge, you get jitters. It is very important that you do not rush into anything.

You mustn't force the first kiss, because it has a lot more meaning than you think.

The moment when you press your lips on the lips of your crush will be something very special for you and that's why we have collected the best tips for you so that you can calmly enjoy your first kiss.

You are finally alone with your crush. You look each other in the eye and your gut feeling tells you it's the right time for the first kiss. You take all your courage and get closer and closer to your crush.

You are so close to him that you can already feel his breath on your lips. Your lips finally meet and the first kiss has come. You are just overwhelmed.

You press your lips to the lips of your crush and slowly your tongues come into play.

There is nothing wrong with the fact that the first kiss is also a French kiss. You slowly open your mouths and your tongues start to play with each other.

The tip of your tongue inquires about the mouth opening of your crush and a pleasant feeling flows through your body.

You are now wondering how long should this go on? It all depends on you. You can also gasp for air and then continue kissing.

But you can also take a break and look each other in the eyes again and enjoy the togetherness and the perfect moment.

What should you do with your hands right now? Your hands shouldn't just hang stiffly on your body, you can use them safely.

You can use your hands to pull your crush towards you and stroke their back.

It's always romantic when you slowly slide your fingertips over the other's neck and brush their face. If you can find your crush smiling at you in the moment, it's a good sign.

Intensive physical activity would not be so good, because it is your first kiss and you should still be careful with the kissing partner.

You never know what's going on in the other's mind, so it's important to pay attention to the partner's body language.

Not everyone likes French kisses, some just like kisses. Since tastes are different, you shouldn't rush anything. It is better to start slowly and respond to the wishes of the partner.

When is the right time for the first kiss?

There is no such thing as the right time, you decide for yourself when the right time has come for you.

You can stick to all the flirting tips on the internet, but they still can't get you the right time.

The right time is up to you. You have to be sure that you want it and that you have found the right person for the first kiss. You have to be comfortable with your date and listen to your gut instinct.

The first kiss has no age limit. When you talk to other people, you will find that some had their first kiss when they were 11 and others when they were 25. That doesn't change the intensity of the kiss.

A first kiss is something beautiful and wakes the butterflies in your stomach, no matter how old you are. You work up a sweat, your knees are shaking and your heart is pounding wildly, but that's all part of it.

Where is the perfect place for that first kiss?

There is no perfect place for the first kiss. Everyone has their perfect place and they are very different from each other.

For one couple it is the cinema, for the other the terrace in front of the front door and some spontaneously kissed each other in the supermarket for the first time.

Any place is the perfect place if you feel ready for it. If you feel that your crush is longing for a kiss too, you should take the first step and induce the first kiss.

The place doesn't make the perfect kiss, the two of you make the kiss perfect because you're just happy. Sparks fly between two people in love, no matter where they are.

The emotions can be felt in the air and you can literally feel the crackling.

What do you have to pay attention to at the first kiss?

While the first kiss is wonderful, there are a few things you should be considerate of. You definitely want the first kiss to be fondly remembered by your crush, so you should open your eavesdroppers wide now.

1. Body odor

They say we pick our partners based on their body odor, but that doesn't mean you can't shower before your first date with your crush. This applies not only to the first date, but to every meeting.

You always have to make sure that you smell good. The perfume and your good body scent can make your date kiss you faster or they will be attracted to you faster. In this way you get closer to each other.

2. Don't be too pushy

If the first kiss has already come, you should make sure that you are not too pushy.

You can gently stroke your date or even slowly slide it over your back, but if you notice that your date is not feeling comfortable, you should stop immediately.

You always have to pay attention to how your kissing partner reacts to your touch and that is how you see how far you can go. Coming too pushy too quickly can scare your date off.

Unless you're a seasoned kisser, you should hold back your tongue as well. You definitely don't want your date to just remember that you stuck your tongue too deep in their mouth.

At the first kiss, less is always more. Always remember! 😉

3. Pay attention to your bad breath

Just as your body odor is very important, you should also pay attention to your bad breath. Before the meeting, you should brush your teeth thoroughly and still have a pack of chewing gum with you.

There are times when you eat something your date doesn't like at all, and then chewing gum is always a great solution. You don't want your first kiss to smell like onions.

Don’t do it at the first kiss

You have already read everything you have to pay attention to in the above text, but there are a few faux pas that you have to watch out for. If you stick to it, your first kiss will always be fondly remembered.

If you find that your date wasn't comfortable the first time you tried the first kiss, don't try a second time.

That way you can only make your date even more insecure and after such an action there will definitely not be a second date.

If you notice that your date is feeling uncomfortable, you can politely ask if you can kiss them, because the right moment won't come, you have to make the right moment out of what you have.

If your date decides not to kiss, you should show understanding and accept the decision. This is no reason for you to play the insulted liver sausage now.

You mustn't attack your date like crazy, the type of kiss is very important so that your date feels comfortable and feels a desire for more.

The beauty of the first kiss is the fact that it will be remembered for a lifetime. You will even tell your grandchildren about your first kiss and the story will never be boring.

The first times in life, regardless of whether it is the first kiss, your first date or the first great love, everything is treated with great respect because there are many emotions involved.

Another interesting fact about the first kiss. You can have him several times in your life, every time you fall in love again you have a first kiss with the new crush.

So don't despair if the first kiss doesn't turn out to be a complete success, you can always improve over the course of life.