Your vagina will stay tight after sex

There are leftovers from the patriarchy and yet unfortunately still far too present in the minds of many men and (even worse) women: used up or sagging vaginas. It is said to have come from having too much sex, especially with too many partners. We don't want to listen to this any longer because it is downright wrong. That's why we're clearing up the biggest myths about tight and wide vaginas.

About worn out vaginas and other shameful vagina myths

Vagina shaming is ubiquitous and often occurs subconsciously. As a child, we were taught that your vagina is dirty and should not be touched. But sometimes we are also shamed straight in the face, when our natural lubricant is compared to a fish shop.

For many women, it is difficult to get used to the shape, smell, or color of their vaginas. Especially if it does not correspond to the cherished and well-groomed porn standard. Countermovements, such as vulva watching, are already trying to get one healthier self-esteem to create in women.

Still there is lots of misunderstandings. Especially when it comes to the width and tightness of the vagina. Today we want to dispel the most hair-raising myths about "worn out vaginas".

Does too much sex wear out the vagina?

We can all imagine where the rumor came from. It was a warning to young girls so that they might remain chaste and please their husbands for a long time. The times are over now, but unfortunately this nonsensical rumor still persists, especially among men.

It is utter nonsense. It's true that sex stretches the vagina. Indeed take care of the muscles in and around the vagina to keep the vagina coming back in place after sex. Even women who are particularly sexually active should quickly drive this fantasy out of their heads.

In an interview with, the gynecologist Carla Thiele explains that there are no narrow and wide vaginas because they can all expand. Tightness, on the other hand, is only due to the muscles and these can be trained.

The same is true for the size of your vagina nothing to do with the number of sexual partners you have. Because, as we all know, couples have much more sex on average than singles. In three years of relationship, a vagina is stressed more than in three years being single with ten short affairs.

Can you overstretch the vagina?

Yes. There can be several reasons for this: Either the sex is too brutal, with too little arousal and vaginal fluid. But it can also happen that the Penis is actually too long. Overstretching is extremely painful and is noticeable during sex. You should always stop or slow sex then.

Are you closest as a Virgo?

Yes and no. With regular sex, the muscles learn to stretch and contract again. The first time the vagina feels particularly tight because the Ligaments are stretched for the first time and have to get used to it.

In fact, they may have been used to it beforehand through sex toys, for example. Depending on the penis not every vagina is perceived as “tight” during defloration.

Can a vagina be too wide in general?

If you and your partner have the feeling that there is too little friction during sex, then you should by no means put the blame on your “too wide vagina”. Conversely, you could say that his penis is too narrow for your vagina. Instead of pointing fingers at each other, you'd better find out togetherhow to make sex more exciting for both of you.

How far a woman is also has nothing to do with thick or thin. Every woman is built differently; completely independent of the width of their pelvis or other external features.

What does the Kamasutra say about large vaginas and penises?

In the Kamasutra, women and men will each divided into three groups: Hares, bulls and stallions for men and gazelles, mares and cows for women. The names refer to the size of the genitals, not necessarily the width. Because every vagina has a different length inside.

The perfect heterosexual partners are hares and gazelles, bulls and mares and stallions and cows. Nevertheless, everyone else can have fun together too. The division is important because the Kama Sutra describes exactly how, for example, the rabbit and the elephant in certain positions have a lot of fun.

So if you and your partner feel that there is too little friction during sex, you could experiment with new Kamasutra postures.

There are many ways to train your pelvic floor muscles for better sex.

Can you train the vagina tighter?

Yes. As already described above, the vagina is criss-crossed with muscles. Ever trained your pelvic floor muscles, the tighter your vagina becomes. Just incorporate a few exercises into your fitness program like the bridge, the bike, or kneeling sit-ups.

The pelvic floor muscles can also be lazy through devices such as yoni eggs, (Let) stimulate love balls or cones. You can find out more about this in our article on exercising the pelvic floor. By the way, good muscles also lead to better orgasms, because the vagina is then better supplied with blood.

Is the vagina worn out after giving birth?

The vagina was made by nature to withstand extreme hardships such as childbirth. After giving birth are Ligaments and muscles naturally extremely overstretched, sometimes even torn. However, you can slowly bring this back to normal through post-natal gymnastics.

As before, the vagina will no longer be and that is perfectly fine. After all, she has achieved a top performance. Even if this may be difficult to accept in the beginning, try to appreciate your body for that and be proud of his achievement.

Is it possible to narrow the vagina artificially?

The beauty industry of course offers countless methods to the "virgin feeling" bring back. But be honest? Do we want to feel like a virgin again? Back then you had no idea about boobs and bubbles, you didn't know how masturbation works and what you yourself like. Out of awe they might have just made the starfish back then. If that doesn't convince you yet, here are a few little horror scenarios from the Scheiden-Schnippelklinik:

  • In order to get tighter in the whole interior, some women let themselves spray on with hyaluronic acid. This has to be repeated regularly and can lead to the fact that at some point you just don't feel anything. Then you better enjoy good oral sex with your partner.
  • With the "Husband-Stitch" you sew up the perineal tissue, i.e. the vagina entrance, if it is torn during birth. But it doesn't make the vagina any tighter. Too narrow an entrance with a few more stitches can cause too much pain during sex for women and is not a real solution.
  • The very desperate take it Vaginal tightening. Here, among other things, the body's own fat is injected or lasered for padding. This can lead to burns and scarring or even permanent pain.

Of course we don't want to paint the devil on the wall and every woman should decide for herself whether she is comfortable with her vagina. A surgical procedure should, however always be YOUR wish and you should never feel compelled to perform such an operation out of a sense of duty to your partner.

Let's remove "worn out vagina" from the vocabulary

It's disrespectful and degrading. Every woman is built differently and wide, and that's a good thing, because after all there is one huge variety of penis shapes and sizes. And as the Kamasutra knows: there is a suitable elephant cow for every stallion!