What are some unusual records in cricket

Imagine the World Cup is just around the corner and Jogi Löw is saying goodbye to vacation in the middle of a completely screwed up international series. Impossible? Not in New Zealand, and not in cricket, which is more popular in this country than football.

The Black Caps - that's the national team's nickname - had just lost their eighth game in a row, and coach Gary Stead was not given leave of absence, but sent on vacation. Stead did not take the break of his own accord, but rather the association took the measure due to its duty of care to prevent the coach from burnout, said David White, the managing director of the national association Cricket NZ.
Stead was reluctant to accept the break that had already been decided six months ago - and the association was clearly not flexible enough to modify the plan in view of the embarrassing ideas in Australia (three bankruptcies) and against India. The result was a PR disaster, especially since captain Kane Williamson, who makes decisions on the pitch as the coach's extended arm, was injured at this point.

As soon as the coach was gone, the series of defeats ended

The funny thing about it: As soon as Stead was gone, New Zealand ended its series of defeats against the Indians. With the 48-year-old Stead on the sidelines, the Black Caps had lost all five games of the T20 series - that is the short version of cricket, which was limited to 20 overs (120 balls / throws). Under assistant coach Shane Jurgensen, a 43-year-old Australian, they won all three one-day duels (50 overs each = 300 balls / throws) against the world number two.

As positive as the mood was in view of the sporting turnaround, no one really sympathized with the coach's absence, apart from a few exceptions. "If Steve Hansen were lost to the Lions [British / Irish selection; d. Red.] Went on vacation? "Asked former captain Jeremy Coney, who compared the rugby stars of the All Blacks and their former coach and criticized Stead for leaving" when he had the opportunity to turn the tide to change some things and end this terrible run ”. Coney: "The head coach should be there to manage the change from one format to the other and the personnel changes."

The speculation that Stead may have offered his resignation after the series of bankruptcies and that the association asked him to calmly think about it, David White rejected far from himself. Instead, he enumerated the extraordinary burden of cricket coaches, who were often on the road for months; a fact that led to the end of Stead's predecessor Mike Hesson's marriage and his withdrawal.
The predecessor threw in the towel because of overwork
“We lost our last trainer to overwork,” said White. “Gary Stead has been away from home for around 350 days in the past 16 months. We have to direct that, otherwise it is intolerable. "
The Press calculated that Stead spent 324 of his 468 days as national coach with the team - abroad and in New Zealand. Almost all courses and training camps took place in their own country in Christchurch, where Stead lives. Not nearly as dramatic as White described the situation. Mike Hesson had had to travel to New Zealand for action and had not seen his family after work.

Indeed, cricket is an exceptionally travel-intensive sport. The New Zealanders played after the one-day World Cup in England (June / July 2019), where they lost the final against the host team only because of the cruelly unfair rules, tours in Sri Lanka (August / September), in Australia (December / January) and now until March 4th against India (five T20 games, three one-day duels and two five-day matches, so-called test matches).
The most important date is the T20 World Championship from October 18 in Australia. So, said White, "we have identified the period after the T20 games as the ideal time to take a break." The two long games are important again because they are part of the two-year international world championship, the ICC World Test Championship, which will end with the final in London in June 2021. With whatever trainer.
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