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Fingerstyle, plectrum play, slapping, tapping, groove ... If you as a young bass player would like to learn from the well-known and famous stars of the scene, you can, for example, a bass master class, a bass workshop or a seminar for bassists all in one Visit music store. But the hip bass players are not always on the clinic tour in local latitudes to bring their best grooves, licks and tricks to the low-pitched crowd.

If you want to get ahead on the instrument and are looking for free lessons, you will always find what you are looking for in the workshop area of ​​bonedo: In our Play-Alike Bass Edition we provide you with the hottest riffs and bass lines of the hip woofers on the national and international scene.

What are the secrets behind the playing techniques and bass grooves of artists like Marcus Miller, Flea, Billy Sheehan or Pino Palladino? We provide you with learning material with the help of high-quality play-alike episodes so that you can advance on the instrument!

With us you will learn the best signature licks of your bass idols!

In addition, there are helpful tips on how to get closer not only to the techniques, but also to the sound of your idol. Which bass model do the stars use, which amplifier and which speakers? And which effects should you use? You can find out here - in the bass range of bonedo!

By the way: Since we are constantly filling these pages with new content, it is worthwhile to surf by regularly and take a look!

We hope you enjoy learning!