What do people underestimate about you

Don't underestimate me, I might surprise you

Last update: December 27, 2016

According to a famous saying we never stop getting to know people, and when we think we know them, they surprise us. It's actually one of the most wonderful feelings you can have for someone. Unless you're surprised because you've underestimated someone. So don't underestimate people because you might be wrong with your judgment.

Relationships come back to life every time we meet an undiscovered side of the other person, something we didn't know before. This is especially true when you surprise each other. However, these discoveries have nuances that should be treated with caution, especially in those situations in which we have only recently known a person.

“I've always had a passion for detail, for the small, almost invisible events around us. Observing people can teach you a lot. "

Marco Levy

When we meet people for the first time, we get a first picture, a first impression. To a certain extent, this is perfectly normal, human, and necessary for survival. This behavior is not harmful; rather, it happens unintentionally and instinctively. However, if your first impression of a person is negative, you should be carefulbecause we tend to confirm our first impressions rather than prove they are wrong.

Try to really get to know people instead of underestimating them

It is true that some people talk more than they think and say more than they know. You could say we have all done this before. However, most of us say less than we know, think more than we say, and perceive more than we think.

This is a defense mechanism, a protection against emotional vulnerability. And sometimes we just want others to get to know us gradually, step by step.

"On my walks, everyone I get to know is my boss in some way, and that's how I learn from them."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

For all of these reasons, if you are not careful, you may miss the chance to meet great people. Don't be too quick to judge, because if you're wrong, you will regret it later. Leave enough space to see the unexpected, do not underestimate them and do not accept stereotyped thinking.

From now on, maintain healthy relationships so that you can always learn something from your fellow human beings.

If you underestimate me it's your problem

It is not good for your own well-being and your sense of calm if we underestimate ourselves. Also, it doesn't feel good when someone attaches less value to you than you deserve. Nobody should have the audacity to make you feel small.

"People with small souls always try to make other people smaller."

Carlos Ruíz Zafón

If this has ever happened to you and you knew how to deal with this situation, you should be happy about your bravery. And if you didn't know how to face such a situation or how to take a position, remember that next time those people who underestimate you basically have a problem with themselves.

People who do this may have low self-esteem and are unaware of it. Their behavior is a reaction to their anxiety, and they make others pay for it.

The smaller you think I am, the bigger I can be

Underestimating others means expecting less from them than they can show, and that's when they'll surprise you. Nobody knows the real potentials and limits of other people, and those who think they know them are wrong. In fact, it is precisely when people put the least amount of trust in you that you can best achieve your goals.

I'm tired of hearing people say how easily they can "see through" people. Because how quickly it happens to label someone as unfriendly and then to behave towards this person according to your own perception. This increases the chance that exactly the same behavior will be shown to us and consequently we get our first impression of this person confirmed.

There are so many wonderful people who can do things that you would never have imagined. And then there are others who will give you what you need right now. People can surprise you with a little detail that shows you that they know you better than you think. It's those people who grow slowly but steadily. Because they believe in themselves, even when people around them tell them that they cannot.

Don't let others underestimate you. Don't underestimate others and don't forget: Anyone can surprise you. Because unforeseen and unexpected things are part of human existence and therefore part of life.