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Marseille, a trip to the oldest city in France

It doesn't matter whether you are near the port, the beaches or in the city itself, but rent an apartment from which you can explore the city. In the 7th century BC the city was founded as a Greek settlement, in 49 BC the Romans conquered the city, which became the "gateway to the west" for many traders from the Orient. The port is now the largest in France and the city has close links to the Middle East and North Africa. It is a very lively and exotic city and in the old port you will find the famous fish market.

Things to do

The Chateau d'If and Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde were both built as fortresses to protect the city. However, the chateau never housed soldiers and eventually became a prison. Notre Dame, on the other hand, was originally a chapel before it became a basilica. Military use was not given up until 1954. In the city center itself you will find narrow streets, quiet squares and pretty facades from the 18th century. They stand in contrast to the modern, light blue structures on stilts that characterize the L’Hotel du Departement, the headquarters of the administration. The radical residential building Cite Radieuse, planned by Le Corbusier after the Second World War, is also an interesting sight. When in Marseille, make sure to try a bouillabaisse. This fish soup was invented here. For some peace and quiet, head to the Prado beaches, whose white sand is perfect for a vacation in the south of France.