Do the cigarettes leave a smell?

This will make the smoker's car odor-free again

Cigarette smoke penetrates into the deepest nooks and crannies of a smoker's car. There it deposits a layer of nicotine, tar and other substances that give off unpleasant smells. To get this under control, different steps are necessary:

  • Ventilate the vehicle
  • Throw away rubbish / cigarette butts
  • Vacuum inside surfaces
  • Steam cleaning for the upholstery
  • Wipe surfaces
  • Various remedies against residual odors
  • Preparing a smoker's car: the basic cleaning

Why cleaning a smoker's car is worth it

Cigarette smoke is still noticeable even after years. If you want to sell your car, you have to expect a drastic depreciation in the value of a smoker's car. After all, which non-smoker would like to drive in a car that smells of tobacco smoke? Depending on the degree of soiling and damage, you have to deduct between three and seven percent of the vehicle value from the sales price. Cleaning a smoker's car yourself can take a whole day, but it's worth it - also for your own well-being. In addition, so-called third hand smoke is harmful to health. With a thorough cleaning you are also doing something good for your health.

Prepare a smoker's car: that's how it works

The basic cleaning

First cleans all ashtrays in the car thoroughly and wipes out all compartments and drawers. The stench is particularly evident in the upholstery. Remove all fabric covers and wash them thoroughly. Use a suitable cleaner and vacuum cleaner for the upholstery. The roof lining of a smoker's car also absorbs a lot of smoke, tar and nicotine, so this should not be forgotten during the basic cleaning.

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clean the windows

When you smoke, an oily film quickly builds up on the glass windows. This oil smells and makes everything look yellow. Wipe the glass and surfaces with a window cleaner.

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Neutralize odors with special agents

If the vehicle looks clean and still smells of smoke, the cause is usually in the ventilation system. The smell of smoke that settles there is released as evaporation due to fluctuations in humidity and is noticeable through unpleasant smells. The solution is to use an odor neutralizer and replace the cabin air filter.

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Eliminate odors with home remedies

You can remove the unpleasant smell of cigarettes and smoke with simple home remedies. In addition to special cleaners for vehicle surfaces, vinegar is a true insider secret for removing dirt and unpleasant odors. Freshly ground coffee can also neutralize cigarette smoke. In addition to thorough cleaning, it helps to set up a bowl of flour, rice, or cat litter. These home remedies trap moisture and odors in enclosed spaces. Apples should also make the smell go away in the car. They can also neutralize moldy smells and leave behind fresh aromas. Simply cut the fruit in half and place it in the vehicle for 24 hours with the windows closed.

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However, do not use home remedies without thorough cleaning first. Such measures can only mask the smell of cigarettes in the car, but not permanently remove it. Basic cleaning is required for this.

Professional deep cleaning with ozone

If you're struggling to get that stubborn nicotine stink out of your car, or if you want to sell the car for the maximum price, professional ozone treatment is your best option. The car is hermetically sealed and ozone is introduced for 24 hours. The chemical formula removes the most stubborn odors. After a while, ozone decomposes and becomes pure oxygen.

Before the ozone treatment, the interior must be cleaned thoroughly. The costs for the ozone treatment are between 60 and 100 euros. This investment is worth it, however, as the resale value of odorless cars is significantly higher than that of tobacco-smelling cars.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about odor removal in smoking cars

What helps against the odor in a smoking car?

Extensive ventilation and thorough cleaning of the entire interior of the car reduce bad-smelling tobacco vapors. Home remedies such as ground coffee or a bowl of rice or cat litter bind other odors overnight. In particularly serious cases, professional ozone treatment makes sense.

How do you recognize a smoker's car?

Floor mats, upholstery and headliners give off stale tobacco smoke. Burn holes also indicate a smoker's car.

What does the ozone treatment do in smoking cars?

Ozone treatment in motor vehicles can not only eliminate unpleasant odors, but also remove bacteria, germs and spores at the molecular level.

What home remedies help with a smoker's car?

Bowls of rice, flour, ground coffee, vinegar, fresh apple wedges or cat litter that you leave in the car overnight can help to neutralize the unpleasant smells.

Is a smoker's car harmful?

Even small amounts of tobacco smoke can be harmful. In addition to active smoking and passive smoking, third hand smoke in the form of tobacco residues on upholstery and the like is also toxic. This can be particularly dangerous for children who ride in the car.

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