How long does the Friday prayer last

The Friday prayer

بِسْمِ اللهِ الْرَّحْمَنِ الْرَّحِيمِ

يآ ايها الذين امنوا اذا نودي للصلوة من يوم الجمعة فاسعوا الى ذكر الله وذروا البيع ذلكم خير لكم ان كنتم تعلمون

[In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful]
"Oh you, who believe! When there is a call to prayer on Friday, run in memory of Allah and stop buying and selling. This is better for you if you only knew. "

[Sura “Jumua”, verse 9]

Dear believers,

Friday is the day for Muslims that they come together weekly for common worship. Muslims who meet the conditions for this must say the Friday prayer together on that day.

The Friday prayer is the only ritual prayer named in the Koran: "Oh you, who believe! When there is a call to prayer on Friday, run in memory of Allah and stop buying and selling. This is better for you if you only knew. "[1]

This verse of the Koran tells us the time for the Friday prayer. We are told here that during this time we have to cease from worldly actions that divert us from the remembrance of Allah. So the believers who hear the call to Friday prayer leave all their worldly business behind and rush to Friday prayer. Here they then listen to the admonitions that will guide them in their lives. Together they ask their Lord for forgiveness and His mercy. They consider it a great loss in their religious life to stay away from Friday prayers for no reason. Therefore, they do everything in their power to take part in Friday prayers and thereby to get hold of the grace and mercy of their Lord.

Friday is a special day for Muslims, almost a feast day. They prepare for Friday the day before or the night before Friday. This includes that one should now pay special attention to the physical and mental cleansing and carry out the ritual full body washing. According to the doctrine of most scholars, doing the washing of the whole body is Sunnah, while for some it is even mandatory. In this context, you should also cut your fingernails, brush your teeth and put on clean, fresh clothes. If you go to Friday prayers, you should also take special care not to spread any bad smells and thereby disturb your neighbors. Rather, following the Sunna, one should even put on specially fragrant fragrances.

Dear believers,

As a divine service, the open gas prayer also has a social and moral component. The common performance of the Friday prayer is also an expression for unity and cohesion or for solidarity among Muslims, be it material or immaterial. Because it brings together rich and poor, employers and employees, strong and weak as well as young and old.They all stand in a row and shoulder to shoulder together for prayer. Thus the Friday prayer also expresses that everyone is equal before the Creator.

Friday prayer also has an educational role in society. Those who follow the sermons and talks on this day will learn that they have to spread the good and avoid or prevent the bad. He learns about human rights, environmental protection, unity and cohesion in society, respect for parents, relationships with relatives and neighbors, and good behavior in general. In addition, the Friday prayer is also a way to find the mosque and other prayers. Another important moment is the Friday prayer also for our children, who still need to be taught about religion and its moral values.

Dear brothers and sisters,

the sermon (hutbe) for Friday prayer is an important opportunity to instruct the believers once a week on religious topics and to give them help and guidance on other topics of life. It thus makes a significant contribution to the religious upbringing and instruction of Muslims. Thus endowed with knowledge and knowledge of their religion, they become individuals mature in faith.

I end my sermon at this point with a Hadis from our Prophet (see also): “There is a specific hour on Friday. If a Muslim succeeds in asking Allah for a good at precisely this hour, Allah will do it for him. "[2]

[1] Jumua, 62/9.
[2] Muslim, Tahara, 16 (1,209).

Dr. Ersan ÖZTEN
DİTİB Nürnberg Merkez Eyüp Sultan Cami Din Görevlisi

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