What is Magento Dedicated Server Hosting

Requirements for Magento hosting

As mentioned in our post on user experience and user interface, it is important that your Magento shophardly any loading times having. A slow side will make customers turn away from your web store and switch to the competition.

Also, it is essential to have oneensure efficient connection so onelarger number ofVisitors at the same time can access your Magento shop.

Since a Magento webshop usually uses a large number of functions, it requires a lot of resources and this can increase the server load enormously.

In a nutshell: bet on onefast and stable server.

Our services in the field of Magento hosting

If you decide to host your Magento shop with us, you will receive the following services:

We take care of sufficient power in which we on VPS and dedicated servers put. Ourreliabletechnology ensures that you always have access to your Magento shop.

TheVirtual private server are thevirtual machineson which your personal server is located. The difference to the classic, physical server is that the VPS does not run directly on the hardware become.

In addition, there are different servers from different customers on these virtual machines, which theOverall performanceshare.

Still you will be onecertain quota of performance at any point in time from usguaranteed.

VPS are above allSuitable for more extensive web pages and stores with increased hosting requirements.

If you have to implement more specific security requirements in your Magento shop, we advise you to use a dedicated server.

Magento hosting on dedicated servers

Under adeditedn serverone understands a server, which only for onespecific purpose provided andonly from a specific customer is used. That means thisdedicated server can dedicate all of their power to the planned task.

The dedicated servers offer greater security becauseonly the applications from one customer be used on it.

This means that security gaps from other websites cannot spread to this server. In addition, the exclusive access ensures thatno outsiders the discardedCan read out data and log files.

LiteSpeed ​​Web Server with LiteMage caching

We use LiteSpeed ​​and LiteMage caching for high-performance hosting of our servers.

TheseServers are faster than the conventional ones from Apache and nginx.

In contrast to other server solutions, which usually act as proxies, LSWS replaces all existing Apache functions in less than 15 minutes.

The LiteSpeed ​​web servers work with aevent-driven architecture, what kind ofaccelerated response times and themore efficient use of storage capacities cares.

The program architecture also enables scalability in all directions.

Furthermore areSoftware updates elegantly feasiblewithout down-time possible. That means 'around the clock' availability of your Magento shop. Your LSWS are also well protected against DDoS attacks protected.

WithLiteMage Caching is dynamic contentAcceleration feature of the LightSpeed ​​Server products. It accelerates dynamic content on web pages in an efficient, highly customizable way, which reduces the loading times of the web page and lowers the server load.

Additional reverse proxy layers, which are required by add-ons, are eliminated by LS Cache. This also speeds up the ability to call up static page content and makes it more efficient.

Server location in Germany

Your server stays in Germany and is with itcompliant with all applicable data protection rulesand data security.

Likewise, according to German law, you are not obliged to disclose your data as long as you have not committed a criminal offense.

Even in the case of a preliminary investigationthe authorities also do not have unrestricted access to everything stored.

You will also receive a from the location in Germanyimproved control and monitoring options for the technology used. You decide what, how and where should happen with your server.

Also youSEO ranking can be influenced by your server location. Google can use the determined location to match your webpage with ahigher relevance and an improved added value for your potential customers to rate.

A hosted server in your own country is therefore particularly recommended for local entrepreneurs.

Regular backup of files and databases

A large amount of data is created in the course of the life of a server. It is important to structure and manage these sensibly so that all processes of the Magento web shop can run without problems.

We make sure that you alwaysRetain access to all generated files and databases in which we have your Magento shop inregular intervals on a virtual machineCreate backups

We are also happy to support you and secure your data for you when switching from another webshop software to Magento or when migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

To one smooth process and a optimal functionality Of your web shopwe will install all updates and bug fixes for you.

We also monitor the activities on the server andsearch after possibleVulnerabilities and fix this for you.

You can read more information about updates on the topic of Magento in our article Magento Update.

The following requirements for your guarantee future servers we you:

  • Fast SSD storage
  • Fast network connection
  • High RAM equipment

We can offer you different ones, on youcoordinated service packages provide. We would be happy to advise you on the subject of Magento hosting.

Why should you let us host your Magento shop?

With us as a partner you have aTeam offexperiencedSpecialists at the hand that supports you in getting the most out of your Magento webshop.

We accompany you frominitial implementation idea through to regular maintenanceand hostingOf your Magento shop. It is also our priority to give you apersonal contact person to put aside for your topics.

We have been developing MagentoShops for our clients since 2011, which are geared towards a wide variety of target groups. Our project portfolio includes the development of multi-store solutions for D2C, B2B and B2C with connection to Microsoft Navision and other ERP systems.