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1 The petrochemical detox oil cure with essential oils According to D. Gary Young, Young Living Essential Oils, we are increasingly confronted with obesity, heart disease, adult type II diabetes, cancer, PMS, estrogen dominance, autoimmune diseases, miscarriages and erectile dysfunction, 400% increased risk for decreased sperm quality, and breast and prostate cancer in men. The life-giving answer to this widespread problem is the petrochemical oil purification regimen with essential oils. The devastating health effects of petrochemical toxins released from the manufacture of chemical petroleum products (plastic items) and deposited in the body were warned as early as the 1950s. In vain. Everyday petrochemical (plastic) toxins in the modern world We are surrounded by thousands upon thousands of chemicals, only 1,300 of which have been tested and have been shown to have harmful, hormone-like effects on the body. Other chemicals have yet to be tested, and new, colorfully camouflaged toxins are added every day. The Serious Effects of Toxic Petroleum Derivatives These toxins cover cell receptors like a plastic film and prevent oxygen and food from properly entering the bloodstream and supplying our bodies. The serious effects of these pertrochemical poisons, which also have a hormone-like effect, bring our body into total imbalance and we lost 20 kg and 7.6 cm in just 6 weeks! Tiffany Rowan tells us her exciting story of how she lost 20 kilograms and three inches in circumference in just 6 weeks using citrus oils. In 2005 she got the recipe for the detox oil treatment directly from Gary Young, whose research shows that citrus oils digest and remove fats and toxins from the cells. Easy to use and highly effective, this regimen shows a quick effect. All I had to do was rub some oils on my stomach and hips and swallow an oil in a capsule. Then I went to bed and let the oils do all the work. The result: my ideal weight, says Tiffany. The unique thing about this detox is that it only has to be done once. That means: as soon as toxins and fats have been discharged from the body, we keep our dream figure and only have to occasionally do a little refresher if necessary. So it is a purification cure that quickly produces visible and lasting results. I only had to do this regimen once to reach and maintain my ideal weight.

2 Cleansing the endocrine system reprograms the body so that women, among other things, have normal and pain-free periods, a clinically infertile woman became pregnant, and a man had an erection again after 20 years. The Quick Weight Loss Plan: Lose Weight Once and For All! The reason this cure is so final is this: Our intelligent body encapsulates toxins and keeps them away from our vital organs: heart, lungs and brain. Toxins can cause life-threatening damage to our organs. Hence, the body does its best to keep these toxins away from the organs so that we can stay alive. But we don't need our fat cells to survive. Therefore, the body uses our fat cells to store toxins in them. Every year more and more toxins build up in our bodies and we just keep getting fatter and fatter. As soon as we do this oil purification regimen, the petrochemical toxins that have accumulated over decades are cleaned out of the cells and we then only remain in maintenance mode. That is why this is a one-time weight loss program. It is specifically about cleaning the toxins out of the cells. Toxins have life-threatening consequences if one did not fight against them. This rapid weight loss method according to Dr. Young shows: How important it is for us to excrete toxins from our cells that damage our glandular system. The citrus oil mixture Citrus Fresh dissolves fat. The essential oil Ledum dissolves metals. Grapefruit oil eliminates toxins. The recipe for the petrochemical detox oil cure: We need: 15 ml Citrus Fresh oil mixture 5 ml Ledum essential oil 15 ml Grapefruit oil 00 capsules This protocol consists of two parts: 1. We use the Citrus Fresh / Ledum mixture to break up the fat. 2. Then we take grapefruit oil in capsules to digest whatever fats and toxins the Citrus Fresh / Ledum mix has broken down. First part: We put 10 drops of Ledum in the Citrus Fresh bottle. (Remove the cap and dropper from Citrus Fresh, put 10 drops of Ledum in the Citrus Fresh bottle, reinsert the dropper and screw the Citrus Fresh cap on. Let the mixture sit overnight.) We dab the oil bottle on the problem areas and rub the oil into the skin a. Second part: We fill two 00 capsules with 10 drops of grapefruit oil (20 drops in total) and swallow them before going to bed. CAUTION: Use Ledum oil instead of grapefruit oil if you are taking medication because grapefruit oil, like grapefruit juice, is said to prolong the effects of prescription drugs.

3 The key to success: The key to success is saturating cells with grapefruit oil. Therefore we use the grapefruit oil undiluted! Everything Dr. Young ever said about his essential oils has always come true to me in my experience as he said it would. So if you want to be successful, do it exactly as directed with no deviations, says Tiffany. Essential Oils vs. Medicinal Products 90% of the medicines are made on a plant basis. Pharmaceutical companies find active ingredients in nature, synthesize them and turn them into drugs. We also know how synthetic drugs work in our body (see package insert). Pharmaceutical drugs and essential oils have more than just one effect on the body. Drugs release the active ingredients from cell receptors without being able to take into account whether a particular cell actually needs the active ingredient or not. Medicines cause negative side effects as a result. Medicines have no intelligence. They only do what they were created to do, regardless of loss. Essential oils, on the other hand, only penetrate those cells that specifically need the oil and only cause positive effects. Essential oils, the living essence of the plant, are intelligent. That's why they work so well. The truth is confirmed again: plants heal. You are our medicine! Every cell has receptors on the cell membrane. Whether it is an essential oil or a medicine, they have to enter the cell through the receptors. Think of the old toy, a plastic ball with openings shaped like plus signs, triangles or squares. The ball represents the cell and the specially shaped openings represent the receptors. Only the right active ingredient should penetrate the right form of the cell receptors, and only then when the cell really needs it. Essential oils migrate through the bloodstream and the cell receptors, so to speak, point up and say: I need this! The intelligence of our body speaks to the intelligence of the essential oils, and the essential oils couple to the cell, enter the cell and release the active ingredient, and then there is a wealth of reactions, just as the body should react. Not so with pharmaceutical drugs, which cannot distinguish between them. They couple to all organs, systems, glands and tissues that have the same shape. Essential oils do the same job as pharmaceuticals, only that pharmaceuticals cannot differentiate between where active ingredients are needed and where they are not. They still dump their active ingredients. And then we see the long list of side effects, including bleeding and even death. Two steps to the success of this weight loss program: Citrus Fresh with Ledum break down the fat cells. Grapefruit oil digests the fat that is released. This weight loss concept only needs to be done once because it focuses on digesting the toxins trapped in the cells. Once excreted, the body is free of fat and toxins. Therefore, digesting fats and toxins causes a one-off weight loss.

4 Why Weight Loss Programs Sometimes Don't Work Some detox regimens don't work because petroleum toxins prevent receptors from letting nutrients into cells. A petrochemical cleaning regimen is therefore indicated. Dr. Young specifically says not to dilute the essential oils. The body fat MUST be saturated with the essential oils. The recipe won't work if we dilute it. Therefore, we should follow these instructions carefully! This is a one-time effort to reduce our weight because we are able to finally digest and remove toxins that have been stored for decades. I don't know of any other detox program that has this effect! Each individual's experience will be different from Tiffany's experience because our body types are different. We may have more or less fat to lose because we store more or less toxins in our body in the form of cosmetics, sunscreen and other toxins. Tiffany only had to lose weight on her stomach and hips, while we may also want weight loss on her buttocks, thighs and breasts. The oils work so effectively that you can tell where oils have been applied and where they have not. Adjacent areas look limp, while the problem areas look tight after the treatment. So we don't overlook the transitions to the problem areas. Once we have reached our ideal weight, we repeat this detox oil regimen twice a year for maintenance. Tiffany's 20kg 7.6cm in 6 Weeks Success Story Week 1: Already on the first night I literally felt larger pieces of fat break into smaller pieces. So I felt from the very first day that this recipe was working for me. Citrus oils are diuretics and I had to get up a couple of times the first night. Week 2: I saw a noticeable difference. Week 3: I was already wearing smaller sizes! Weeks 5 and 6 were just finishing up until the last bits of fat had been digested. Let's not create more fat where toxins can lodge! Suggestions on how to prevent weight gain The liver converts excess sugar into fat. Let's pay attention to our eating portions.

5 Let's eat protein in the morning and carbohydrates in the afternoon. The body needs proteins and fats in the morning to get our brains fit for work and school. In the afternoon, the body needs carbohydrates / fibers to give us the energy boost we need and to get us through the second half of the day without losing energy. We shouldn't eat anything after supper. The body is designed to slow digestion before bed and go through a cleansing phase during the night. We unbalance our internal clock when we eat late at night food that has to be digested. The liver does not come to rest, has to work overtime, which keeps us up at night. Do not drink soda or diet soda drinks. Dr. Pepper contains 39 g of sugar. The excess amount of sugar is converted into fat. Diet sodas are worse. Artificial sweeteners also lead to weight gain. When we talk about aspartame now, we also include the other artificial sweeteners like Nutrasweet or Splenda, etc. The liver breaks down aspartame into aspartate and phenylalamine, which activate insulin. To ensure our survival, the body takes excess insulin from the blood and converts it into fat. Aspartame doesn't even contain glucose. What then stimulates the release of insulin? Good question. The nervous system receptors respond to aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG) in a friend who is temporarily blind and in Tiffany's daughter with epileptic seizures. Aspartame is also found in medicines. Excessive production of cortisol causes weight gain. Cortisol the death hormone can be stimulated by poor diet, stress or problems with the adrenal glands. Antidepressants, medications, and stress also lead to weight gain. The lack of sleep can also cause weight gain. Let's darken the room and place the alarm clock and other electronic devices at least 2 meters away from our brain. Liver cleansing with JuvaCleanse If we never get enough sleep, we should clean the liver. We use JuvaCeanse. The liver needs glutathione to heal and regenerate itself. Citrus oils are rich in limonene, which is converted to glutathione in the liver. When the liver repairs itself, the chronic sleep problem goes away too. Lemon: 59-73% Lime Grapefruit: 88-95% Lime Mandarin: 85-93% Lime Orange: 85-96% Lime Artificial sweeteners inhibit serotonin. Serotonin sends signals that the body is full. When serotonin is blocked, we want to eat more carbohydrates. We will still feel hungry 90 minutes after consuming artificial sweeteners.

6 Tiffany started with 3 bottles of Citrus Fresh. Different body types can affect the amount of oil needed to begin with, as well as the length of the cycle, which depends on the amount of chemicals stored in the fat and how long someone is on pharmaceutical medication *. * CAUTION: Ledum oil is used instead of grapefruit oil when someone is taking medication. Citrus Fresh dissolves fat. Ledum dissolves metals. Tips for using the cure Citrus oils are photosensitive. The oils are applied at least 12 hours before exposure to direct sunlight, tanning or radiation treatment. Special side effect of the cure! It cleanses the genital organs. Now that the toxins are gone, my reproductive organs are cleansed too. I now have normal periods with no mood swings, cravings, cramps, heavy bleeding and long duration. The daughters are no longer absent from school because of the PMS pain. I had a clinically sterile woman who became pregnant after the petrochemical detox. What is petrochemical petroleum derivatives found in air, water, food and even in medicine? These chemical substances create a film on the receptor sites, preventing the reproductive organs from doing their job, which can cause painful periods, infertility, and miscarriages. Petrochemicals interrupt the function of the glands. Endocrine disruptors (from the Greek endo: inside, krinein: excrete, and Latin dis - rumpere: bring to a standstill, disturb), also called xenohormones, are substances that act like hormones and thus the delicate balance of the hormonal system / endocrine system can disturb animals and humans. (Source: Wikipedia) Plastic blocks the receptors and thereby the production of endogenous hormones. Hormone-active substances are fat-soluble, so they settle in the fat cells. Petrochemicals act like hormones because they block the receptors. They can be found in oral contraceptives. My daughter had her first period from drinking cow's milk when she was 11 years old. The cow's milk was discontinued and she got her period at 14. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, baby pacifiers and bottles. Babies absorb toxic petrochemicals (plastics) directly into the bloodstream through the membrane in their mouth. What is petrochemicals and what harm does it cause?

7 BPA (bisphenol A) is found in the urine of 93% of the population and in the urine of 90% of all newborns. BPA shows are found in the umbilical cord blood of 90% of all babies. Some companies are not waiting for a law to ban the chemical compound BPA from products because they fear parents will sue them. (Pay attention to the BPA label.) The petrochemical oil purification cure with essential oils is: Easy to make Effective and works amazingly fast Highly effective from overweight to ideal weight Is long-lasting Xenohormones can be found in: Baby bottles, pacifiers and toys Oral contraceptives and synthetic hormone replacement therapies Cattle that are fed with hormones so that they mature faster to produce milk earlier Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides Plastic bottles, styrofoam cups Cosmetics Emulsifiers in soaps and cosmetics Nail polish, nail polish remover Building materials in house construction Adhesives Cleaning agents Car exhaust industrial waste Contamination of drinking water Water with chlorine or fluorine bleaching agents Paper, napkins, toilet paper, tampons, etc. (coffee filters contain dioxin!) With so much toxicity, is it the woman or the man who is sterile, or both? This information is not a product recommendation for the end user, only specialist information for therapists ms