How long does bread last

Bread stays fresh for a long time

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Bread tastes best fresh. If stored correctly, however, it will still be delicious after a few days. What should you watch out for? Which varieties last the longest?

While sourdough lasts up to a week, wheat bread with a high proportion of yeast can spoil after two to three days. Because the more sourdough in the bread, the longer it stays fresh.

Paper removes the moisture from the bread

Paper bags are not ideal for storing bread because it becomes soft in them.

Bread is often offered in paper or plastic bags. Both are not ideal for storage. Paper removes the moisture from the bread. The result: The crispy crust becomes soft and the crumb, the inside of the bread, becomes hard. Plastic is an ideal breeding ground for fungi, viruses and bacteria - because plastic creates a warm and airtight shell. Mold develops.

If there is mold, dispose of all of the bread

If mold is discovered on bread, the entire bread should be disposed of, even if only parts of it are visible. The fungal network can already have spread and consumption can be harmful to health.

Unglazed ceramic or clay containers are best

Nutrition experts favor a pot made of unglazed ceramic or clay for storing fresh bread. The open pores absorb excess moisture and release it back into the bread when required. Since the air can circulate, the risk of mold is lower than with plastic or paper. To prevent mold, the bread pot should be cleaned thoroughly once a week - vinegar water is best. The ideal room temperature for storage is around 18 degrees.

Bread turns sticky in the refrigerator

In the fridge, bread is stale after just a day. The reason is retrogradation: the starch molecules in the bread give off water, which makes the bread sticky and no longer tastes good. An alternative is freezing in slices or portions. Bread can be stored for around three months and no valuable nutrients are lost.

That's how long bread lasts

With optimal storage, breads with sourdough stay fresh for several days:
Wheat bread up to 2 days
Wheat mixed breads 2 to 4 days
Mixed rye breads 3 to 5 days
Rye breads 4 to 6 days
Whole and whole grain breads 7 to 9 days

Source: Zentralverband des Deutschen Bäckerhandwerk e. V.

Can bread contain preservatives?

Incidentally, packaged sliced ​​breads are the only ones that are allowed to contain preservatives. This must be marked on the packaging. Many bakers also use various additives, for example to make the dough bake faster or so that it rises better. However, these substances are lost during the baking process and therefore do not have to be listed.

Other bakers rely on craftsmanship: For the "cooking pieces", as the professionals call them, part of the baking flour is boiled in hot water and vigorously stirred. The flours channel the moisture into the still raw bread dough. Because the water is bound, it stays in the bread longer and is only gradually released again later. The bread stays fresh longer.

What belongs in good bread?

Germany is known for its variety of bread and rolls. What are the characteristics of good bread? Which ingredients are allowed in and how does it stay fresh for a long time? more

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