Which former Google employees work at Facebook

New Netflix documentary shows how Facebook, Google and Co manipulate us

How are Facebook, Instagram and Co structured and why do we spend so much time with the platforms? A Netflix documentary called "The Social Media Dilemma" explores this question. Together with former employees of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Co, we will find out how the popular portals are structured and why they are used so intensively. Among other things, the manufacturers' tricks are dealt with with fictional scenes.

Morality has taken care of it

Facebook & Co use human weaknesses to make billions. The documentary paints a very clear picture. In this way, possible social and personal consequences are hidden in order to maximize profits. Internal moral concerns are being swept under the table in companies. The former employees record what goes wrong with the extremely wealthy IT giants.

Very good ratings

In Austria, the documentary, which was awarded at the Sundance Festival, made it into the top 10 just two days after its release. On the IDMB rating platform, the title currently has a good 8.1 out of ten points. Los Angeles Time even writes that it is the most important documentary of the year. The New York Times is also impressed and writes that the film is very effective in showing the dangers of data mining and manipulative technology. (red, 9/11/2020)