Has your wishful thinking ever come true?

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With the surfactant compound Plantapon® SF
[...] is an effective EO-free skin cleansergunGno more wishful thinking
[...] EO-free skin cleansing - No more wishful thinking since Plantapon® SF [...]
The three-liter car in the
[...] golf class - maybe baldno more wishful thinking.
A three-liter car in the Golf category? Maybe
[...] this will soon be more thto just wishful thinking.
This scenario istno wishful thinking,sonchange the criesbunGmanyGÄste and customers, [...]
the Infinity Solo Pool by
Experience Inviion® as an optimal method for relaxation.
This scen / Ario is not wishful thinking, it is how many guests ond clients describe [...]
the effect of the Infinity Solo Pool by
Inviion®. They consider it the perfect form of relaxation.
In a recent issue of Nature, critics pointed out the meager progress made in the last (one might say 'lost') decade, to be clear
to make that the basic assumptions of the IPPC in relation to markets
[...] and technologies weniGmoreals hnesWishful thinkingsind.
In a recent issue of Nature, critics cited the dismal carbon record of the last (or should I say, 'lost') decade, to
demonstrate that the IPPC baseline assumptions about
[...] markets and technology are little more that heroic leaps [...]
The cross-connections of drug trafficking with the arms trade, with terrorism and international crime, with corruption and even the entanglement of
Police officers as well as judicial and
[...] government circles lassennoneR.aat fürWishful thinkingund make clear, [...]
that the problem is neither with
purely cosmetic, with half-hearted measures that are only aimed at individual symptoms, nor with projects that only aim at the management of the problem of addiction, can be combated.
The Association of Drug Trafficking with Arms
smuggling, terrorism and international
[...] crime, as well as police, judicial and governmental corruption [...]
is a problem which cannot be
resolved by prayers alone, nor can it be resolved on a superficial level with half-hearted measures or with measures designed solely to tackle the problem of drug addiction.
Feel at VEBOWAG sicHlotsM.iethe has been doing well for decades and also pass this "good feeling" on to their children - that istno wishful thinking,sonthe reality.
W.ith VEBOWAG, many tenants have been feeling at ease for decades, and they pass over this "good feeling" to their children - this is not wishful thinking, but reality.
When people can get a realistic idea of ​​how this new world will be born
they are able to maintain hope for the future,
[...] then aufmorebasiert than on a blossesWishful thinking.
If people can gain a realistic understanding of how this new world
will be born they may be able to keep a hope for the future,
[...] which is based on something more than mere wishful thinking.
People with school children could adapt their workweek to school hours, each parent could stay home for one day or several days a week, divorced parents could be home earlier when the child is with them, and work longer when the child is with the other parent
[...] [...] the longer orermoreTage want to work because they decided toben,noKindto have him [...] [...]
Organizing differently can do that too.
People with children of school age could adapt their working week to school times, each parent could choose to stay at home one day or more a week, divorced parents could be home earlier when their child is with them and work longer days when their child is with the other
[...] [...] want to work longhe hours or more days because they choose not to have children or organize [...]
their family life differently can do so, too.
In practice, this means that all routes to / from Billund are affected by the agreement, because: a) SAS has withdrawn from Billund (thus fulfilling Maersk Air's request that "SAS withdraw from Billund and let it continue to develop should "; b) SAS's only flight connection from Jutland is the Aarhus-London route, which it operated before the agreement was signed; c) since the agreement entered into force, only Maersk Air has started operating new routes from Billund
taken (such as Billund-Dublin) and d)
[...] SAS would be oneutiGnoneue Route from Billund [...]
start up when Maersk Air
wanted to operate this connection (Maersk Air would question the balance with the Copenhagen agreement, which applies not only to SAS routes, but also to anyone it might still wish to operate).
In practice, all routes to / from Billund are affected by the agreement, because (a) SAS withdrew from Billund (meeting Maersk Air's demand that SAS 'should withdraw from Billund and leave its future development to us'; (b) the only case where SAS flies from Jutland is on the Aarhus-London route, which it already operated prior to the conclusion of the cooperation agreement; (c) since the agreement entered into force, only Maersk Air has launched new routes out of Billund
(such as Billund-Dublin) and (d), SAS
[...] would clearly not launch a now route out of [...]
Billund if Maersk Air wished to operate
it (Maersk Air would invoke the symmetry with the agreement on Copenhagen, which does not only relate to the routes which SAS operates, but also to all those routes that it might wish to operate).
Trade must be based on fundamental rights and environmental standards, with enough room for maneuver in each country
[...] [...] decent workit-noV.Orwändemore, noA.usbeudonGmore,sondern a [...] [...]
to reduce trade imbalances.
Trade must be based on a floor of rights and environmental standards with policy space
[...] [...] development and decent work - no excuses, no more exploitation and a real [...]
commitment to narrow the trade imbalances.
As long as the commission is not ready, the constructive
This Parliament's criticism of this from
[...] superficialeggt,Wishful thinkingund unilateral [...]
Opportunism towards the financial markets
In the context of the conflict, all of the Commission's initiatives to be welcomed in order to somehow improve the consideration of the employment problem are to be taken up in advance remain lying down or - at best - remain relatively ineffective.
As long as the Commission is not prepared to take on board Parliament's constructive criticism of this
economic policy, which is based on
[...] superficiality, wishful thinking other U.Nilatheal opportunism [...]
as far as the financial markets
are concerned, and as long as it is not prepared to enter into conflict with the Council, and in particular with certain particularly powerful Member States, including Germany, then all the Commission's initiatives, which in themselves are to be welcomed, and which are intended Somehow and in spite of everything, to improve the way in which the unemployment problem is taken into consideration, will either never get off the ground or will, at best, remain relatively ineffectual.
The all-clear for health
Risks of mobile communications from German mobile communications
[...] Research Program (DMF) beruHtmoreaufWishful thinkingals on facts
The Endorsement of Safety by the German Mobile Telecommunication
Research Program (DMF) Regarding the Health Risks of Mobile Phone
[...] Radiation Is based Rather on Wishful Thinking tHan companycts
In view of the fact that it is distributed across locations and companies
[...] special knowledge on immermoreW.isscarrier ist esWishful thinking,ein Development project [...]
with clearly defined requirements at an early stage
to start and consider changes in the course of the project as exceptions.
[...] knowledge is distributed at theong increasing numbers of specialists located [...]
at different sites and across enterprises, it is utopian to believe that a development project
can be launched with clear requirements, defined at an early stage, and consider changes during its conduct to be the exception.
Precisely because the security and performance of the occupational pension plan are to be maintained in the future, it is important that the
Determinants of the system are not
[...] after politischemWishful thinkingauszjudge, [...]
but to take greater account of economic criteria.
It is precisely because the security and strength of the occupational benefits system should be preserved for
the future that the management mechanisms of this system should not
[...] depend on a poleitical whim, but on economic criteria.
That the aliens stay where they came from (namely in their own solar system) is
less scientific
[...] reasoned assumption alsWishful thinking,das also from [...]
feeds the fear of possibility,
everything could turn out very differently.
That the aliens will stay where they come from (i.e. in their own solar system)
is less a scientifically founded
[...] assumption thto wishful thinking whI is also fed [...]
by the fear of the possibility that everything
could also happen very differently.
The proposed measures to combat gender stereotypes and ensure equal representation of the sexes in decision-making processes, the elimination of all forms of gender-based violence, etc. are one
A step in the right direction,
[...] but stay that way latGeWishful thinking,wie the root cause [...]
for these conditions and theirs
The capitalist system, which leads to and reinforces discrimination and inequality, persists.
The measures proposed to combat gender stereotypes and for equal representation in decision-making, elimination of every kind of gender-based violence, etc.
are a move in the right direction but
[...] will remain wishful thinking as long as the root [...]
cause responsible for these conditions
and maintaining them remains, namely the capitalist system, which generates and aggravates discrimination and inequality.
Professional and private, family life better in harmony with one another
[...] bring is today vielmoreals nurWishful thinking.
network-company ... r-gesundheit.de
The need to reconcile professional or working life with life outside
[...] work is now much more than just wishful thinking.
network-company ... r-gesundheit.de
This decision contained in particular i) errors such as B. misrepresenting a case before the Court of First Instance, ii) being inaccurate for a number of reasons, including: because of the fact that it was not specified which complaint of the plaintiff was decided on, because of the lack of an end date of the parental leave and because the legal consequences of the decision were not presented, iii) is in a language other than that in violation of Article 21 EC
[...] [...] used, iv) citierenoR.echts basis, v) contains contradictions, vi) is insufficiently justified, vii) has a retroactive effect, althoughl esnoneanhuhapplication for parental onlylaubmoreGegeben have, viii) take into account [...] [...]
original decisions of the appointing authority were unlawful for the entire period and ix) did not take into account the request to postpone parental leave.
In particular, according to the applicant, that decision: (i) contains errors including, for example, an incorrect statement about a Court of First Instance case; (ii) is inaccurate for a number of reasons including, among others, a failure to specify on which of the applicant's complaints the decision is based, a failure to include the date of the end of the parental leave and a failure to include a description of the decision's effects; (iii) is drafted in a language other than that used by the
[...] [...] Article 21 E.C; (iv) does not cite any legal basis; (v) contains contradictions; (vi) states insufficient reasons; (vii) has retroactive effect although there was no longer any application for parental leave pending; (viii) [...] [...]
of the fact that the Appointing Authority's original decisions over the whole period were unlawful; (ix) takes no account of the application to defer the parental leave.
Information system about audio functions and audio samples for people with a handicap in order to be able to participate in the discussions. o Video discussions, see US election campaign o Referendum or votes on certain topics, so that the politicians set the mood among the people
can assess. o referendums,
[...] but this is WhereHlWishful thinkingOVorun of petitions for citizens [...]
and collections of signatures, etc. o Elections, live debates
disabled in the health sector using an audio function and audio examples for disabled people in order to enable these to take part in the discussions. o video debates; see US election campaign. o Referendum or votes on specific subjects, so that politicians can assess the people's
mood. o Referendums, but this is probably
[...] wishful thinkinG. o Run-up to citizens'initiatives [...]
and signature collections, etc. o Elections, live debates
No one who had visited Kosovo after 1999 could seriously believe that the area would ever be part of the again
[...] [...] would, but in denmosteuroEuropean capitals still ruled dasWishful thinkingvOr (in the words [...] [...]
"We put our heads deep in the sand").
Nobody who had visited Kosovo after 1999 could be under any illusions that it
[...] [...] of the Serbian sact, but in most European capivalley, wishful thinking prevailed (or as one EU official [...] [...]
heads are buried firmly in the sand ").
Those who believe that they are God's gifts
[...] for free, spendngenmuchZeit mitWishful thinking,selfurious prayer and repetitionlunGmanynutzloose affirmations, [...] [...]
and the belief that God works magic for them and makes money rain, throws the applause of the people or the full-grown fruit of their desire straight into their lap, just like that, without any effort on your part.
Those who believe that God's
[...] gifts are free donated much time in wishful thinking, selfish prayhe, and in repeating many useless affirmations [...] [...]
that God will work magic at their request and drop money, people's applause, or the full-grown fruit of their desire right into their laps, freely and without any effort on their part.
With a playing time of around 50 hours, over 60 quests, continuous, professional dubbing, with new ones
Weapons, armor, magic, races, models, videos,
[...] pieces of music and one moreigemmoreist that at leastdestno wishful thinking.
With an estimated playing time of 50 hours, over 60 quests and thoroughly synchronized dialogues by professional voice actors, new weapons, armor,
spells, races, models, video sequences, specially composed
[...] new music other mucH more, this does not seem tHat far-fetched.
Opinion polls by the SRG on elections and votes took place
to the company of an SP political scientist,
[...] documents dessenWishful thinkingund had for example [...]
in the case of the minaret initiative
nothing to do with the result of the voting on Sunday.
SRG opinion polls on elections and referendums were entrusted to the company
of an SP political analyst, fell
[...] victim to his wishful thinking and, in the approxse of [...]
the minaret initiative for example,
misread the result by a huge margin.
[...] and / or farheesWishful thinkingbein the Evolution theme applies todaytaGemanyals a science that hardly or not at allicHtmorein F.rage [...]
And such and / or further wishful thinking on evolution passes today as science that must scarcely be questioned, or not at all.
Clinical observation already suggests that
[...] this VermudonGmoreist as reinesWishful thinking:Patienten who [...]
chronic blood cancer
Myeloid leukemia who are treated with the drug Glivec almost always relapses after stopping the drug.
A clinical observation already suggests that this
[...] assumption is more than just wishful thinking: Patients see belowffering [...]
from a type of blood cancer
called chronic myelogenous leukemia who are treated with a drug called Gleevec almost always relapse after drug treatment has ended.
Was it astrologicalchesWishful thinkingOdhe stecktmoredaHinter?
What is astrolaboveical wishful thinking or is there more bedownd it?
To neither whitewash nocHWishful thinkingeino To give a chance, we interviewed the specialist who knows the system exactly from the planning stage and sicHnoB.latt cover your mouth [...]
would if problems arose.
So as not to be accused of glossing
[...] things ovhe, or wishful thinking, we interviewed the expert who has been familiar with the system right from the planning stage, and would not be afraid to say if there had been any problems.