What do ESTJs think of INFJs

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folderwho leads but can be too strict.
Extroverted - Sensing - Thinking - Judging
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Lives Geplant

+1. Strengths

  • Natural leaders, very logical, practical and realistic
  • Self confident, take with pleasure responsibility, and are good at dealing with money
  • Organizational talent, are very organized and structured, can do well Create order
  • Are very ambitious and work hard on everything they set themselves up to have high standards
  • Very good at Systems up and running, and most importantly, effective and economical to hold
  • Very reliable, consistently and thoroughly, follow clear rules and values
  • _____________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________

- Weaknesses

  • Can have a high resistance to change and new things
  • Can be too determining and controlling
  • They can lose patience very quickly and then often cannot keep their emotions under control
  • Can be too intolerant, demanding or critical of others
  • Can struggle with long-term planning and be overwhelmed with too much work.
  • Can have difficulty incorporating a personal, 'human' component
  • _____________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________

●●○ Motivation traffic light:

Positive feedbackHarmonious environment
free space Rules & Regulations
Self-actualizationIdentification with work
TeamworkWorking alone
Variety & changesroutine
Communication with othersHelp others

GREEN= has a positive effect on you; RED = has a negative effect on you; BLACK = neutral, does not have a particularly positive or negative effect on you;


►►►3. These tips may be helpful to you:

Specific to ESTJ Directors:

  1. Give freedom: Avoid being too obsessive. Take a step backwards and give others more freedom and space. Do not be as harsh on others as you are on yourself and regularly resist the urge to control others.
  2. Calm down: Anger is always destructive. Do not get upset if someone does something that is not what you want or does not follow your instructions. If you get angry, walk away or do something else right away. Don't come back until you've calmed down. Find ways to discharge your anger in a positive way, such as exercising.
  3. Accept: Remember that everyone has different ideas and opinions, and there is not just one "right one". Show acceptance and appreciation for the opinion of others, and they will be more likely to accept or support your opinion as well. The more different someone is from you, the more you can learn from them!
  4. Do not prejudice: Only judge ideas / opinions when you have understood them as a whole AND in detail, and not before!
  5. Look ahead: Think long-term on a regular basis and consider the possibilities and difficulties that you or a project may face in the future in order to be prepared for them.
  6. To try something new: Everything unknown loses its horror once you know it. Keep the facts in mind and dare to make changes and adapt your principles to the current situation.
  7. Personal values: Take into account not only logical, but also personal arguments in your decisions and actions. Think in which way you are influencing other people positively or negatively.
  8. Relax & reflect: Allow some time off work every day for recreational purposes and also spend some time alone.
  9.  _____________________________________________
  10.  _____________________________________________

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