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Commissioner Van Veeteren and Inspector Barbarotti on the trail of a murderer who makes a fool of everyone. Inspector Van Veeteren - now retired but as legendary as ever - is preparing to celebrate his 75th birthday when a former colleague shows up to tell him about an old case. At that time, four people died in a boarding house in Oosterby who had only one thing in common: membership in a "club for left-handers". With the fifth member attending the meeting missing, the man was quickly identified as the perpetrator, but was never found. Now his body has appeared surprisingly years later, apparently he was murdered at the same time as the others. In other words: Van Veeteren and his colleagues failed back then, the killer is still at large. Soon after, another man's body is found - entrusted with the investigation: a certain Inspector Barbarotti ...

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Title: The Left-Handed Association

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