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112-second madness in Switzerland: Biel turns 0: 1 into 5: 1

It was the 58th minute of the game in the National League, the Swiss ice hockey league. EHC Biel, who had just returned from quarantine and is still fighting for direct qualification for the play-offs, were 1-0 down against Geneva. But what happened in the following 112 seconds was "just crazy", as Biel's goal scorer to make it 3-1, Fabio Hofer, summed up after the game.

Beat Forster gave the starting shot for the brilliant comeback, who scored 1: 1 2:31 minutes before the end. The EHC had tasted blood, Geneva, however, was shocked. Biel took goalie Joren van Pottelberghe off the ice and turned the game around just 12 seconds after Yannick Rathgeb equalized - a real hit. As a result, nothing worked at Geneva and Fabio Hofer even made it 3-1.

The insanity was finally crowned by the goals of Gilian Kohler and Janis Moser to make it 5-1. Thus, after this historic comeback, Biel has the chance of the play-offs within 112 seconds and shortens the gap to sixth place (Geneva) to three points. Geneva, on the other hand, will struggle with one scene immediately before the 1-1 draw, because Tyler Moy hit the post twice within seconds.