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Modesty is a kind of ambition. Spinoza

Modesty is appropriate for the scholar, but not for the ideas which reside in him and which he should defend. Marie Curie

If you want to test the modesty of the modest, do not inquire whether he disdains applause, but whether he can stand the reproach. Franz Grillparzer

Do not judge wise people's actions and sayings so easily, for your modesty should give you a testimony that you are even wiser than them. Adolph Freiherr von Knigge

Be serious, humble, polite, calm, truthful. Don't talk too much. And never about things you don't know about. Adolph Freiherr von Knigge

Modesty is not a virtue, but the knowledge that one is a nothingness before God in the universe that he created. [Khalid Chergui]

The charlatans, who cannot remain silent and who regard silence and modesty as symptoms of ignorance and stupidity, acquire inexhaustible treasures of quotations. Denis Diderot

Who knows nothing and does not know that he knows nothing is a fool - avoid him.

He who knows nothing and knows that he knows nothing is modest - teach him.

Who knows something and doesn't know that he knows something is asleep - wake him up.

He who knows something and knows that he knows something is wise - follow him. Socrates

There is not much that can be said against modesty, because: true modesty is ultimately nothing but insight, and false modesty is the most acceptable form of vanity. Lothar Schmidt

Those who know, that they only know modestly, know modestly more than those who do not know, that they only know modestly. claims

Humility is a great virtue - especially with other people. Federico Fellini

The secret of the beginning of all things is unsolvable for us, and for my part I have to be humble to remain an agnostic. Charles Darwin

Whatever is justly done, however modest the contribution, is noble. (Quidvis recte factum quamvis humile praeclarum.). Henry Royce

Some are gifted with musical prowess, others with good looks. I myself am blessed with humility. Roger Moore

Humility is a quality that comes from being aware of one's own power. Paul Cezanne

Modesty is an ornament, one can only get further without it. Wilhelm Busch

The characteristic of the immature person is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mature person wants to live modestly for a cause. [Jerome David Salinger]

Modesty is always false modesty. Jules Renard

The knowledge of one's own strength makes one humble. Paul Cezanne

One can also be vain of one's modesty. (Source: Diary) Max Frisch

Only people who have enough self-confidence can be modest. Gabriel leaves

The humble people would be the called politicians if they weren't so humble. Ernst R. Hauschka

Just be humble and happy!
the bad is coming anyway. Wilhelm Busch

Modesty in the case of mediocre ability is mere honesty; with great talent it is hypocrisy. Arthur Schopenhauer

You have to be honest and humble, but say loudly and clearly that you are. Jules Renard

Because although we cultivate the ego with one hand, we press it to the ground with the other hand. From generation to generation we cast out “stupid things” from our children and teach them to see where “their place” is and how to behave as a little self among many others with the appropriate modesty, how to think and feel . Alan Watts

The wind cannot knock a mountain over.
Temptation cannot move a man
Who is awake, strong and humble,
Who is his own master and obeys the law. Buddha

False modesty is the most propitious of all lies. Nicolas Chamfort

Few people are humble enough to bear being judged correctly. Luc de Clapiers

How will dignity and happiness be preserved for a long time? I mean, nothing more than humility. [Friedrich von Logau]

Of all the wastes of the soul, the most useless is justice. The amount of love that one has spent is at least sometimes given back, albeit in a modest amount. For the justice that has been shown, you get nothing more than misunderstanding, ingratitude and, in the end, scorn. Arthur Schnitzler

A good animal is the piano quiet, peaceful and humble,
and yet has to endure and suffer many things. Wilhelm Busch

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