What are the functions of contract law

Contract law

In private law in particular, we conclude contracts every day, often only verbally.

In the case of contracts of decisive importance, the law provides for special formal requirements. Contracts for land require z. B. the notarial form. The purpose of the notarial certification of contracts for real estate prescribed in Section 311b (1) sentence 1 of the German Civil Code (BGB) is to protect sellers and buyers from hasty contracts, to point out the importance of the business and to give them the opportunity to receive legally informed instruction and advice (BGH, Judgment of April 30, 1982 - V ZR 104/81, BGHZ 83, 395, 397). However, most contracts can be concluded informally. And then the principle mentioned at the beginning applies, although one of the contracting parties often wants to cancel the contract afterwards. However, this is only possible under very strict conditions. In particular, the often heard sentence that any contract can be revoked within 14 days is incorrect. You are only entitled to a right of withdrawal if this has been contractually agreed or if the law provides for such a right for a special legal transaction.

We are happy to help you review and draft your contracts. Especially when it comes to significant economic investments or you commit yourself personally, such as as an employee or employer, you should not be afraid to seek legal advice before concluding a corresponding contract.

We review contracts in a wide variety of ways. Just ask, regardless of whether it is a purchase contract, a rental contract, a work contract, a service contract, a leasing contract, a travel contract, a loan contract or any other type of contract that you have concluded.

If you have any questions about an employment contract, please contact our specialist lawyer for labor law, lawyer Elisabeth Marx.

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