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Protect brand and brand name

Customers often orient themselves towards brands, because it is tedious for the brain to constantly re-evaluate situations. If a customer has to choose between several products or services, in case of doubt they will rather choose an alternative that they already know. And this is exactly where the advantage of brands lies: They make products and services recognizable and unmistakable, tell the customer what properties and what quality they can expect from a product, convey a positive feeling and create trust.

That makes a brand valuable not only for the consumer, but also for the brand owner. According to calculations by the brand consultancy firm Interbrand, which annually awards the 100 most valuable brands in its “Best Global Brands” study, the front-runner Coca-Cola is currently worth 77.84 billion US dollars (as of October 2012). The runner-up Apple is valued at $ 76.57 billion, followed by IBM with $ 75.53 billion. The most valuable German brand is Mercedes-Benz, which ranks eleventh in the international ranking with a value of 30.1 billion US dollars.

The brand study “BrandZ” by the market research company Millward Brown adds to the even more impressive figures, the assessment of which includes not only financial data but also data from consumer surveys: According to this, Apple is currently the most valuable brand with a value of 182.95 billion US dollars, followed by IBM with 115 .99 billion US dollars and Google with 107.86 billion US dollars (as of May 2012). The value of a brand corresponds to the sales that a company is likely to generate in the future based on its brand alone. For example, according to Interbrand's calculations, the Coca-Cola Group will only generate US $ 77.84 billion in sales in the future because its products contain the Coca-Cola trademark instead of an unknown symbol - a profitable business.