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April 11, 2020 By: Max in ListenGaudi

Now that the ski season has ended and there is a longer period of waiting ahead, winter sports consumption is limited to the online world. Snowplaza has therefore looked around on YouTube and searched for the most viewed ski videos (as of March 23, 2020). The entertaining selection of five videos shows, among other things, spectacular freeride shots, cliff jumps with skis and parachutes and the funny world of stereotypes that one encounters on the ski slopes of this world. Snowplaza wishes you good entertainment!

# 5. Matthias Giraud and his daring parachute jump on skis

GoPro athlete Matthias Giraud is both a good skier and skydiver. He combines both talents in this spectacular skiing video, which is one of the most popular skiing-related clips on YouTube. Views: 9.681.728

# 4. Cody Townsend's Line of the Year

Easy. Epic. Cody Townsend's upload of his "Line of the Year" leaves us speechless. Absolutely no surprise that this freeride masterpiece made it to fourth place. Views: 12.312.710

# 3. One of those days 3 - Candide Thovex

This crazy Frenchman brought real video delicacies to the online world with his series “One of those days”. With his skills, he takes skiing as we know it to a whole new level and that gives him fourth place on our list. Views: 15.906.531

# 2. One of those days 2 - Candide Thovex

Apparently different physical rules apply to Candide Thovex !? In the second episode of his series, he leaves the audience with amazed eyes and open mouths and once again proves how creatively you can ski a mountain. Views: 26.194.604

Stereotypes on the ski slope - Dude Perfect

Okay, the video is in English, but due to the astronomical number of views, this ski video about the funniest stereotypes on the ski slopes had to make this list. If a term doesn't seem clear enough the first time, just keep looking, most stereotypes are self-explanatory. Views: 36.072.101