What are some painful situations in life

10 painful truths about life

The truth is that you can only be happy when you are occupied with yourself. But because the truth about you is painful, you prefer to watch cat videos and be busy with your career. Let's talk about some truths that nobody speaks and yet everyone knows.

  1. Everyone around you is going to die and you don't know when

The only question is whether you go in front of you or vice versa. The time inevitably comes when it's too late to apologize. Then it's too late to be loving in your mind too. Then all you have to do is regret not saying anything.

  1. Big dreams and talent are not enough

Anyone who tells you that you just have to believe in it hard enough is a ... let's call them friendly: a charlatan. Without opening your ass and with the appropriate perseverance, success will not work. Setbacks and getting up again and again are simply part of that. If it were that easy, everyone would do it! Probably some of the greatest talents in their field are still vegetating because they didn't have a bite.

  1. You can do your best and still fail

Just because you're doing your best doesn't mean you have to be successful. What if your best is not (yet) good enough? Maybe you just have to hold out even longer, or you are much better in another area! Self-reflection is the be-all and end-all! Sometimes success is just beyond your control and you just haven't had that little bit of luck yet.

  1. Money and possessions won't make you happy

Money only reinforces what was there before. If you've been depressed before, you won't be able to put it down either, thanks to millions in the account and an award-winning garden. No inner emptiness has ever been healed by possession.

  1. Happiness is like a turnip before a donkey

The more you seek happiness, the faster it will run away from you. Happiness can never be a goal, it has to become your purpose in life, your everyday life. However, this is only possible in the here and now and only with the unconditional affirmation of everything that is - including the (supposedly) negative.

  1. Talking is silver, doing is gold

Do you know people like that who tell you at every opportunity what they are going to do and in fact and in truth do not implement anything? Nobody cares. Only what we actually do matters. It's best to do things that make the world a little bit better.

  1. Your life cannot be perfect and it will never be free from pain

Shit happens! Yesterday, today and tomorrow will happen too. You too! Again and again! But keep in mind that you only surpassed yourself in such shitty situations. You evolved thanks to the shit in your life and are who you are today. If you had only had sunshine all your life, you would still be a caring version of yourself.

  1. The past is over. Forever

What is done, is done. The book of your past is written and you can no longer make any corrections. BUT - you can read this book carefully and learn from it. So forget about wanting to change the past, prefer to work on the here and now.

  1. What you suppress catches up with you. always

You can't just sweep anything in your life under the rug and seriously believe that it will stay there forever. Clean it up and occupy yourself with yourself, otherwise it will catch up with you with a great din at the most stupid moment. I once read somewhere: "What we do not allow, we cannot let go".

  1. Nobody will save you

Many are looking for a knight on a white horse, an angel, guru or someone else to save them. But the only one who can save you is yourself. The more you look for a savior, the more you neglect yourself and your salvation through yourself and fall into the role of victim. Only you and no one else can save you.

That was the motivational kick of the week so that you can focus on your goal again at full throttle.

Yours Zarko - The customermagnet