What is an adult massage

Hula Hoop, Weight Loss And Massage For Adults And Children Hula Hoop, 6-8 Removable Hula Hoop, Suitable For Fitness / Sports / Home / Office / Abdominal Shaping (1.0 kg)

[5 minutes of training = 1 hour of running]: Rotating tires can not only burn calories at the waist, but also coordinate limb movement and achieve fitness effects as you lose weight: hips, waist, legs, and digestive hula hoops let it run for 5 minutes = 1 hour. You only need to use the fitness circle for 5 minutes to get 45-60 minutes of warm training. Create charming curves.
【Wave design】 Massage and fitness are done at the same time. The hula hoop has a special wave-shaped design. The slight twist creates a shaping effect through the internal massage ball. The latest comprehensive wave massage design can minimize the pain of hugging, help you burn calories more effectively, and massage your waistline. Exercise massage ball while massaging the body effectively.
[Soft, skin-friendly material]: The outside of the Hula Hoop is made of soft and skin-friendly EVA foam. Our hula hoop is filled with non-toxic soft foam, which is very suitable for your waist movement and can protect beginners and children from waist injuries. The updated version with wave patterns increases the waist massage area and burns more fat.
[Quick Design]: 8 detachable parts, easy to assemble, easy to store and carry. That's why you can take it with you. You can assemble and use the hula hoop quickly anywhere, or quickly disassemble it for storage and burn calories anytime, anywhere.