Hate ugly girls, pretty girls

Girls, why do you always think weird girls are pretty?

First of all, I think Frida Kahlo is beautiful. Not pretty in the sense of pretty. But quite nice in the sense of “she has something”. A character face, as people like to say, which doesn't sound like a compliment, but is meant in the best of cases. Fortunately, it's not about the definition of beauty.

To answer your question: No, we don't always find all ugly women pretty. Of course, we don't find hooked noses and mustaches in women (and men too, but that doesn't belong here) attractive. Only: Your criticism is usually not directed against mustaches and comparable problems, but against normal women. Admit it, girlfriend B from your series example is maybe a bit taller than most girls, maybe she has a bit broad hips or striking facial features - but that's about it. And that's exactly where you hit a sore point with us.

When you criticize normal women from the bar, the film or the series so condescendingly for their looks, it is a natural reflex. Immediately we look for an aspect that we admire in women - just so that we can immediately and decisively contradict you. Their charisma, their humor, their style of clothing. No matter what. A bit to defend her, knowing that she needs no pity. A little, because we find being different, like with Frida Kahlo, simply interesting. But above all because we are afraid that you will secretly judge us in the same way.

That has nothing to do with inferiority complexes, but believe us, we tend to find ourselves uglier than other women, than those in the cinema and in the series anyway, but also than in the bar or the bus stop. Just like we leaf through fashion magazines and then hate our bodies. That's just the way it is. Your “Wah!” Or “Whoa, she's ugly!” Is simply a potential insult to us. I mean, if those things bother you, what about our wide hips or small gaps between our teeth?