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Do you see your professional future in event management, in the last step you only need the right information about your salary? Then you are exactly right with us! We explain to you which factors determine the level of income, how high your starting salary as an event manager is and what the financial perspective looks like in the event industry. With us you will find all the important numbers!

We would like to provide you with important information right at the beginning:

All the information we provide here is only an example. The salary figures in the event industry are not tied to any specific guidelines. Each company, agency or client individually decides how much the event manager will be paid. For this reason, our salary figures are only intended to serve as a guide. Your ultimate income can vary both up and down. So always get specific information from your potential employer about the binding salary information.

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Factors Affecting Salary

Perhaps you have already noticed that salaries in the event industry are often very different. But what are these differences in wages related to? There are several factors that influence the level of income. We want to explain to you how salary ranges come about and which factors you can influence on your own.

The most important point relates to the exact industry or specific employer you work for. The bigger the company or your employer, the higher your salary will likely be. Renowned agencies or companies simply have the chance to pay their employees a solid salary right from the start. If you start with a smaller start-up, the company has yet to develop, so there is not that much that can be paid yet.

Also the Branch plays a crucial role. If you work as an event manager in sports, tourism, public administration, in an advertising agency or in the music industry - this has a decisive impact on your salary. Every industry has different benchmarks in terms of pay and different ways of paying employees based on income and sales.

Another factor is of course your previous one work experience. The more experience you have as an event manager or in the event industry, the higher your salary will be. Professional and possibly also international experience will help you in every salary negotiation, because with it you can convince. The more practical knowledge you can demonstrate, the more valuable you are of course for any new employer.

Also your qualification plays a crucial role. If you have an academic degree in event management, your chances of getting paid are very good. Academics make more money than others.

Last but not least, also plays the location of your employer matter when it comes to income. Companies and agencies in the east still pay a little less than in the west. Depending on the federal state, your salary can therefore be different. In an overall comparison of the federal states in Germany, the salary payments in southern Germany are usually the best.

Entry-level salaries in the event industry

As a university graduate, you must first come to terms with a starting salary in every profession. A career starter earns less in every industry compared to long-term employees. The question of the starting salary is quite difficult to answer, because every young professional starts with a different starting position.

The salaries change depending on whether you start your career with a trainee, get a permanent position straight away, start your own business from the start or maybe get hired on a temporary basis or as a freelancer. With an academic degree, however, you have already set the course for a solid starting salary.

As a rule, you can work in event management with an initial income of 2,000 to 2,800 euros gross per month calculate. Gross means that taxes and social security contributions will go down. Nonetheless, this is a starting salary that gives you a solid amount a month.

We have done intensive research on the web portal in order to present you some examples of the income of event managers and marketing managers with a focus on event marketing. The information is very helpful because it gives you an insight into what salary you can expect in which industry. The age and size of the company are also taken into account. So the numbers provide a good overview.

jobBranchAge, genderSize of the companysalary
Event managerAdvertising & PR26, female6 - 20 employees2,055 euros
Event managerhotel33, female100 - 500 employees2,590 euros
Event managerhotel32, male100 - 500 employees3.465 euros
Event managerknife33, female20 - 50 employees3,774 euros
Event managerAdvertising & PR46, female1 - 5 employees2,616 euros
Marketing Managerhotel32, male20 - 50 employees3,550 euros
Marketing Managersoftware48, female100 - 500 employees4,407 euros
Event managerAssociation27, male50-100 employees2,929 euros
Event managerWholesale44, female20 - 50 employees6,964 euros
Marketing ManagerAdvertising & PR37, male50-100 employees5,730 euros
Event managerAdvertising & PR31, female5 - 20 employees1,901 euros
Event managerCulture29, female5 - 20 employees2,929 euros

In general it can be said that in the event industry with a gross monthly salary of 2,000 to 7,000 euros everything is in there. Companies and special industries have the best chance of a higher salary. The income figures for event managers are lowest in advertising and PR or in the hotel and restaurant industry. There, the competition between the agencies and companies is very fierce and the number of applicants for vacancies is high, so that employers do not have to pay an enormous salary to find good workers.

Tips for your salary negotiation

In every job interview, a very special aspect can be waiting for you: the salary negotiation! It is important that you are well prepared and approach the matter with confidence. The basic rule applies: The more you have to offer, the better your negotiating basis. In the event industry, it is extremely important that you gain practical experience during your studies. If you have meaningful internships or a part-time job in event management, you will be better off at salary negotiations. A master’s degree also improves your negotiation skills. Companies are always willing to pay more for high qualifications and existing work experience.

It is also important when negotiating a salary that you don't sell yourself below value. The best thing to do is to do some research on the Internet to find out what the starting salary is in your case. The industry and company size are important indicators. You can then claim an average value for yourself. The same applies if you are already working in the event industry, but would like to change your profession or industry and are therefore reapplying.

But be careful: Demanding a far too high, unrealistic salary will not do you any good and, if in doubt, will cost you the chance of a job offer. So find out how much you can roughly ask for.

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