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Print from less than 2 euros a month - ReadyPrint Flex three months free of charge

Friday May 15, 2020 - Epson is now launching its first subscription printing service for the WorkForce WF-28xx models and Expression Home XP21xx / XP31xx / XP41xx series.

Consumers who have a high volume of printing and special printing requirements can save up to 70 percent (*) of the printing costs with the ReadyPrint subscription. The ink is delivered straight to your home.
Epson is bundling its new ink subscription service in the ReadyPrint program. The idea is simple: the ink for the printer is there before you miss it. Depending on the volume and requirements of printing, the customer can choose from three tariffs.
The first tariff is ReadyPrint Go: If the ink supply is empty, the customer is informed and can order the ink.
The second tariff is ReadyPrint Flex: With ReadyPrint Flex, customers choose a certain number of printed pages per month (1.99 euros for 30 pages, 2.99 euros for 50 pages or 4.99 euros for 100 pages) and receive the Ink delivered direct to your home by subscription. If the number of pages is not exhausted, these can be extended for a further two months.
Epson is offering its monthly subscription service ReadyPrint Flex for an initial three-month introductory phase until July 31, 2020 free of charge. To do this, customers have to register within 14 days of purchase.
Mauro Bartoletti, Head of ReadyPrint Subscription at Epson Europe, said: “The cost of ink and the annoyance that arises when the ink runs out when you need to print urgently is no longer an issue for our customers. With ReadyPrint we want to be closer to our customers, help them save money and give them the security of being able to print without worry. Because the ink is delivered directly to your home in a timely manner.
ReadyPrint (**) can now be purchased in the Epson online shop at www.epson.de/readyprint and is also valid for devices that have already been purchased and that are integrated in ReadyPrint.

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