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The word Hinduism means "unity in diversity". Indeed, Hinduism is a collection of religions as well. They all originated in India and have their own traditions, teachings, scriptures and beliefs. Therefore, many Hindus organize their festivals, times of prayer and other rituals in very different ways.

All Hindus together believe in the world soul Brahman and in the order Dharma. Brahman unites and pervades everything. Hindus say that the world soul has no beginning and no end, has always been there and always will be. It is also found in each of the many colorful Hindu deities, but shows different properties in each of them. Brahman has many names, including God.
Sanatana Dharma means the "eternal order" of the Hindus. People should live according to it. One of the most important rules forbids causing harm to a person or an animal.

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