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Maintain carpets properly and remove stains

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Beautiful carpets decorate living spaces and make them cozy. However, to keep them beautiful, they need regular maintenance. First and foremost is vacuuming, which should be done at least once a week. Always make sure to use the correct nozzle, i.e. upright vacuum cleaner for short-pile, smoother nozzles for long-pile carpets.

It is important to also take into account the hidden corners, for example under the sofa, because this is where dust collects, which in turn attracts pests such as the clothes moth or the carpet beetle. Moths, in particular, quickly spread to clothes in closets.

Remove red wine stains from carpets

When red wine lands on the carpet, it means: keep calm and don't rub the stain.

Mishaps in which red wine, coffee or other things land on the carpet happen quickly. In order to completely remove the stains, you should react as soon as possible and not wait until they have dried. In the case of red wine stains, first moisten a tea towel with distilled water - this absorbs the dirt better than normal tap water. Place the cloth on the stain and wait until it is soaked. Repeat this process several times until the red wine is sucked out. This can take a little longer; if necessary, leave the damp cloth on the stain overnight.

Important: Never rub the stain - this will only allow it to penetrate deeper into the tissue. This is especially true for long-pile carpets. Also, be patient: it will take a while to remove everything.

First aid for coffee stains

Coffee stains can be easily removed with the so-called spoon method. To do this, soak the stain well with distilled water and skim off the liquid including the coffee stain. Then suck out any residues with a damp cloth, as with red wine.

This is how dried-in stains disappear

If a stain has already dried, it must first be well moistened. Then also put on a tea towel and gradually vacuum up the stain.

Remove felt-tip pen stains and furniture marks

The felt-tip pen is not so easy to remove with water. Commercial denatured alcohol helps here. Simply moisten a cloth with it and dab the stain with it until it disappears.

If furniture such as armchairs or sofas are in one place for a long time, they create pressure points on the carpet. To remove this, it is sufficient to put ice cubes on the affected area. When thawing, the fibers straighten up again. Then brush off briefly - the pressure point has already disappeared.

What to do if the carpet smells bad?

Soda helps against bad smells and footprints on carpets.

If the carpet has acquired a bad smell, baking soda can help: For a carpet about two meters long and one meter wide, about 100 grams is enough. Use a sieve to distribute evenly over the carpet, if the odor stubborn rub in with your hand. Leave on for at least 24 hours. The baking soda binds and neutralizes the odors. Then vacuum the carpet.

Incidentally, baking soda is also good for removing footprints on carpets. Work in the powder a little with a brush, let it work and also vacuum it off.

Tip: To prevent carpets from smelling bad in the first place, they should never be placed on the damp floor immediately after mopping.

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