What is the best vegetarian recipe book

Vegetarian Cookbooks - Which Are The Best?

More and more people want to avoid meat permanently or at least limit their meat consumption. And there are countless ways to eat healthily even without meat. Here you will find a list of cookbooks that keep bringing meat-free variety to the plate! In advance we have put together a small selection for you, then we would like to hear your opinion. Vote for your favorite vegetarian cookbooks and show others which of them have the best recipes without meat.

Our tips for vegetarian cuisine

  1. Stevan Paul

    Germany vegetarian

    First publication: 13.09.2013
    Current edition: 13.09.2013
    Germany's cuisine is often said to be very meat-heavy. However, the fact that the different regions also have a lot of vegetarian treasures to offer has almost been forgotten. Stevan Paul invites the reader to "cook" his home country and offers recipes for long-established classics that are clearly explained and can therefore be easily copied. Vegetable soups, potato pancakes or rice pudding, many of them are dishes that we have enjoyed eating at Grandma's. (Re) discover the vegetarian cuisine of Germany, what a nice idea!