Is it good to suck a man's penis?

11 tips for the ultimate blowjob

As the saying goes? "Blowjobs are the flowers for men". There are of course many reasons to destroy this statement completely: Not only that not every person * with a penis is a man, because the statement is simply wrong, no, we can certainly imagine a few other beautiful gifts. (Chocolate? Video games? Weed?) If you orally satisfy your partner *, it can be a selfless act of love and good-naturedness at the same time, with which you want to show the penis owner * how much you value him.

Blowjobs can be a selfless act of love & kindness at the same time

Yes, selfless! Because let's be honest: Even if oral sex can be super sexy and beguiling for both of you, it is not always easy to shove a penis down your throat. To Samantha from Sex and the City to quote: “You men have no idea what we're up against down there. We have to coordinate tooth alignment, jaw stress, sucking method and gag reflex - all while we shake our heads up and down, moan and try to breathe through our nose. Easy? They don't call it one for nothing Blowjob.“

The Perfect Blowjob: 11 Tips To Make Oral Sex Good For Both Of You

Don't worry, penis lovers. You have this job fully under control. And for our queer friends, let me say: Anyone who has managed to orally bring a woman to climax can definitely become a blowjob expert. Read on for a few tips on how to give the perfect blowjob of a lifetime.