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iPhone 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus

Even with the new one iPhone 8 Apple is sending two different sizes into the race again. But the two iPhones still differ not only in terms of size, but also in terms of the existing technology. Like its predecessor, the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone 8 Plus has one Dual camera, which provides a larger range of functions when taking photos. If you are not sure whether you would rather buy an iPhone 8 or an iPhone 8 Plus, you should not only compare the size of the model, but also consider the functionality of the devices when making your decision. In the following you will learn in which points the models differ and which advantages and disadvantages they offer.

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Height Weight

Probably the biggest difference between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus lies in the Size and weight of the two devices. While the iPhone 8 has a screen diagonal of 4.7 in is equipped, the iPhone 8 Plus has, as usual, a 5.5 in large display. Which size you choose ultimately depends on your personal taste. With the "plus" you already have a good one Phablet in hand, which, with a weight of 202 grams, is more than 50 grams heavier than the smaller iPhone 8. With a total length of 15.82 cm, the Plus model is also around 2 cm longer than the iPhone 8 with its 13.83 cm .

Especially users with smaller hands could be overwhelmed with the big iPhone 8. If you like it a little smaller and more manageable, you are better off with the iPhone 8. Users who prefer a larger screen when watching videos or playing games on the Apple phone and who have no other problem with the size of the Plus should go for the big brother.

(Dual) camera

Another differentiator is the new camera. While in the iPhone 8 a revised 12 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization for blur-free photos and videos. For even brighter and better pictures, Apple has the larger iPhone 8 Plus with a dual camera double lens donated. This means that the Plus model has a Wide-angle and an additional telephoto lens. In addition, the Plus’s dual camera offers one 10x digital zoom in contrast to the 5x digital zoom of the iPhone 8. Another feature reserved for the larger iPhone 8 Plus is the popular portrait function.

With the exception of the double lens in the Plus model and the associated possibilities, the two models do not differ from each other in terms of camera functions. Both have identical features such as one optical image stabilization, the new True Tone flash, a 7-megapixel front camera and more. This makes the iPhone 8 Plus particularly interesting for photo fans who value the additional options offered by the dual camera system.

battery pack

Due to its size, the iPhone 8 Plus is naturally also equipped with a larger battery than the smaller iPhone 8. Specifically, the Plus model offers one Battery capacity from 2,900 mAh, while its little brother has to make do with a 1,960 mAh battery.

The larger battery comes into its own in standby mode, during speaking time and during audio playback. With the iPhone 8 Plus, for example, you can make calls for up to 7 hours longer and the Plus lasts up to 6 days longer than the smaller iPhone 8 in standby mode Quick charging can be charged to 50 percent within 30 minutes.


If you fluctuate between the two models, you have to ask yourself whether the larger display, the dual camera and the larger battery justify the surcharge for the iPhone 8 Plus. Which size is ultimately preferred is a matter of taste and depends primarily on the type of use of the Apple phone. A larger display is usually more pleasant when watching movies, reading or playing games. If you prefer something more compact, however, the iPhone 8 is better advised. As far as the camera is concerned, both models have almost identical features except for the dual camera system on the iPhone 8 Plus. This offers a slightly larger range of functions for photo lovers, but in our opinion this is not a reason to resort to the larger Plus model. The battery of the larger iPhone also promises a longer runtime, but this does not justify the purchase of the significantly more expensive Plus version of the iPhone 8. So the decision for the smaller or the larger iPhone remains one subjective matter.

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