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PADERBORN A "Christingle" is a must for Christmas

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German-British Christmas service in the Abdinghof Church

12/13/2011 | As of December 12, 2011, 9:04 p.m.

Paderborn (sig). Traditionally, the German-British children's Christmas service was celebrated in the Abdinghof Church yesterday evening. They sang, prayed and the sermons of Pastor Dr. Eckard Düker and Reverend Andy Pelle listened.

This year's "Christingle" was the focus and eagerly awaited by the students of the Paderborn Lutherschule and the Bishopspark School. Pastor Dr. Eckhard Düker explained: "The Christingle consists of an orange that is wrapped in a red ribbon and is also decorated with a burning candle and four toothpicks with sweets."

This Bohemian-Moravian tradition was born 250 years ago. At the time, a pastor decided to create a simple symbol to convey the message of Christmas in a lively and easy-to-understand way for children. "The orange symbolizes the world, the red ribbon the blood of Jesus, the candy stalls on the one hand the fruits of the earth and also the four seasons. The candle in the middle of the fruit burns in place of Jesus Christ as the light of the world", says culvert.

The children made their way home with their bright, sweet oranges so that they could put their Christingle on the window sill at home as quickly as possible, where it should please all who can see it.

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