Use force to bargain at unions

labor union

Those who are members of a trade union enjoy tangible advantages: support with problems in the company or at work, a wide range of educational, advisory and service offers as well as legal protection. The unions negotiate collective agreements. They influence legislation and throw their political weight on the scales in order to make the (work) world a little more just and social. That is reason enough to join a union. And there is another good reason:

Union membership reduces the likelihood of being fired.

This probability is 3.6 percent per year for non-union members. In contrast, it is only 1.3 percent for the organized. For unionized women and industrial workers, the security of keeping their jobs is even greater. Proof of these facts is provided by a Study of Union Membership and Layoffs by Laszlo Goerke and Markus Pannenberg. The two economists examined the employment biographies of 20,000 Germans and asked them about work, income and union membership.

What is the reason for the higher job security?

This is because employers know that union members have free legal protection and are therefore more likely, and more successful, to take action against dismissals than non-members. In addition, union lawyers often represent their clients better than other lawyers in court. For example, you win more frequent and higher severance payments. "For the employer, the financial risk increases if he wants to put a union member on the street. This should lead to companies preferring to part with unorganized staff when downsizing," wrote that Handelsblatt.

So anyone who thinks that a union is useless because he / she receives the same wages as a union member anyway and wants to save the union fee is saving in the wrong place.

Free download of the English-language study "Trade Union Membership and Dismissals" by Laszlo Goerke, University of Trier, and Markus Pannenberg, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, which was published in the journal Labor Economics.