Have you visited Turkey?

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Turkey is visited by millions of tourists every year. This makes the country one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. There are several reasons for this, including a simple and open visa system. The Turkey visa can be applied for by citizens of many countries and is easy to apply online.

Paradise for tourists

Turkey received 46 million tourists in 2019 and that number is likely to grow in 2020. In October 2019 the number increased by 15% compared to the previous year. It's not hard to see why Turkey is so popular with travelers. Since the country borders both the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, it has some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. However, tourists don't just visit the country for the beaches. The country has a very varied landscape with mountains and forests. Turkey is therefore the perfect destination for nature lovers. The country also has a rich cultural history and historical sites that are thousands of years old.

Research on tourism

The Turkish authorities aim to welcome 75 million tourists in 2023. Although the country is very popular, it is a difficult task. The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism has therefore started a study to find out what exactly brings tourists to Turkey. They analyzed the nationality of all visitors and the reason for their visit. In this way, they were able to find out what the main focuses of the tourism sector are and prepare the country for growth in the years to come. The results of the study were as follows:


It will come as no surprise that the majority of Russian tourists travel to Turkey for its sunny beaches. These trips often take place in winter, when it can get to -10 degrees Celsius in Russia. In the northern cities and villages the temperature can be as high as -30 degrees Celsius. In 2018, most of the tourists to Turkey came from Russia, and in 2019 that seems to be the case too. The Turkish authorities are aware of this and are actively responding to it. Russian citizens do not need a Turkey visa. In addition, Russian-speaking staff can be found in the most popular tourist resorts in Turkey.

The UK

British travelers also make up a large part of the total number of tourists visiting Turkey. Studies show that the British mainly travel to the southern Mediterranean coast of Anatolia. The low prices and the historic cities are reasons to travel to Turkey. Unlike the Russians, British nationals have to apply for a visa for Turkey. But Turkey also caters to British tourists. The UK is one of the countries that can use Turkey's electronic visa system called Turkey e-Visa. This visa is applied for completely online, so that a visit to the embassy or consulate is no longer necessary.


Europe's most important economic power, Germany, is high on the list in the study by the Turkish authorities. It turns out that German tourists are especially enthusiastic about Turkey's hospitable population and the modern services in the country. Of course, it also contributes to the fact that many German cities are only a short flight away from Turkey. Safety and cultural activities are important for German tourists. The most popular cities are Istanbul, Mugla and Antalya. In terms of visa requirements, Germany lies between Russia and the United Kingdom. For a vacation of less than 90 days Germans can enter without a visa, for longer stays a visa Turkey must be applied for.

Arabic countries

Tourists from the Middle East and North Africa travel to Turkey to enjoy the food and shop in the various shopping malls in Turkey. Many Arab travelers feel comfortable in Turkey because of the shared religious beliefs and cultural similarities. Most of the time they don't use travel guides. Especially in the summer months between June and September, many Arab tourists travel to Turkey to escape the extreme heat in their own country. Many of these countries, like Russia, belong to Turkey's visa-free travel system in order to promote tourism from these countries as much as possible.

Apply for a visa Turkey

As mentioned earlier, Turkey has a modern, electronic visa system. Travelers from countries that fall under this system do need a visa to enter Turkey, but this visa, unlike the physical visa sticker, can be applied for online. All you have to do is fill out the online application form for the Turkey visa. Austria and Switzerland fall under this system, so it is not surprising that Turkey is one of the most popular travel destinations for tourists from these countries. Studies have shown that a simple visa application system is directly related to the number of tourists traveling to a country. Of course, Turkey is aware of this and has taken concrete steps over the years to make its visa system as simple as possible.

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