What is one thing that you are sure of

Translation of "are you sure" in French

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do it sûr do it sûre t'es sûr


Henry, are you sure, are these the correct coordinates?
Henry, do it sûr que ce sont les bonnes coordonnées? Absolute
Ed are you surethat you want to discuss it now?
Ed ... Do it sweet que tu veux avoir cette conversation?
Wait, are you sure?
So are you surethat nothing sexual is going on between you?
Donc do it sûre qu'il n'y a rien de sexuel entre lui et toi?
Darling, are you sure that you've packed everything
So now it's real are you sure?
Yeah, Tyler, I don't wanna play the watchdog, but are you surethat someone with your anger problems should drink so close to a full moon?
Tyler, je n'ai pas envie de jouer au chaperon, corn do it sûr What are the problems of agressivité tu devrais boire si proche de la pleine lune?
Jody, are you surethat you want to go back to the fight?
Do it sûre d'être prête à te remettre dans le bain?
So are you surethat you have the power to bring me back?
Evelyn, are you sure, you should be out there tonight?
Evelyn, do it sûre que tu devrais y aller ce soir?
I know you think this surgery isn't a big deal. but are you surethat your parents shouldn't be here.
Tu penses que l'opération n'est rien du tout, corn do it sûr que tu ne veux pas tes parents?
Listen, are you sure... that you ... can handle the whole thing?
Do it sweet que do it ... en paix avec tout ça?
You love Gilles, but are you surethat he loves you?
Tu aimes Gilles, mais lui, do it sûre qu'il t'aime?
I have to ask, are you surefor seeing Oren?
Are you sure, That he does not...
Are you sure with this character?
Are you sure with the cosmetic studio?
Are you sure because of wendy?
Are you surethat that's enough?
Are you sure with the C?
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