How do you flirt with a guy

Conquer a man: mistakes, strategy & phases of conquest

It is important that you are just getting started not too pushy at your touch. The best way to flirt is through brief touches that don't seem to have any further intentions. Your touch must trigger subconscious emotions in him and please him without him feeling pressured in any way.

Later, when his interest has gotten bigger and bigger, you can also flirt more obviously through your touch, and skillfully drive him crazy about you over every single touch.

Flirting in direct conversation with him is also a powerful weapon that you should use from now on. You have to pay attention to the following points:

  • Your tone of voice

    Many voice coaches know: 40% of the first impression depends on your voice. Did you know that the pitch of your voice automatically darkens when you flirt intensely? A darker voice has a more erotic effect and turns a good flirtation into the perfect flirtation.
    Act as relaxed as possible during the conversation with your dream man and show as little nervousness as possible. Tries, to speak calmly and from the gut. This also automatically makes your voice a little more erotic.
    The same applies to your voice: Practice creates masters. So don't just focus on your tone of voice when talking to the man in your heart, but also in all other conversations you have with your friends and family.

  • Tease

    In many flirtations, so-called teasing plays an important role. Man (s) or woman makes a joking, somewhat teasing comment about the interlocutor. Of course, it is important here that both sides understand that this is a joke and the teasing not as an insult comes across.
    With articulate conversation partners, teasing can turn into a cheerful, very amusing conversation.
    By the way: If he teases you, you can be very sure that he wants to flirt with you.

  • Compliments

    Another well-known flirtation instrument is compliments. Just tell him something positive every now and then. Any compliments like "Nice shoes", "I think you did a great job." or "It was nice talking to you." be.
    Keep your compliments in check. Less is more.
    The same applies to compliments: if he compliments you more often, then he will be interested in you.

  • Conversation and flirt topics

    Find good things to talk about when you want to flirt with him. You can do it very well creative a flirtation can be made out of almost any topic.
    Even boring topics like the weather can easily lead to a flirtation, for example simply by asking him whether he is already prepared for summer or winter and concluding that a certain item of clothing would definitely look good on him. Or you turn the tables and ask him in a humorous way what would suit you better: a winter coat or a padded leather jacket. This is an innocent way of inviting him to flirt with you a little and compliment you.
    So: be creative. The more original and interesting your topics of conversation, the more he'll enjoy the conversation and flirting with you.

Tip 3: be a puzzle

We keep getting messages like:

"As soon as I show interest or feelings, he blocks, withdraws and is suddenly no longer really interested."Frequent customer message

Maybe you have already experienced such a situation? The human and especially the male psyche always longs for what it “cannot have”. Things that a man can easily reach at any time tend to bore him.

On the other hand, when a man has to put energy into a woman and fight for her, he suddenly feels much more attracted to her. We all know this well-known and often annoying psychological game: Who will contact you first? Do you answer or do you let him fidget?

Unfortunately, in love you can't always be nice, you have to be each other now and then behave psychologically adept and play a game. This is not nice and not fun, but unfortunately it is sometimes unavoidable. For you that means that you have a independent Have to be a woman who doesn't run after him and is not always available on call.

In particular, pay attention to the following tips:

  • If you're writing to each other, stop typing before the chat gets boring.
  • Often times, log out of your chats first / say goodbye first.
  • If you're talking at a party, stop the conversation while it's still interesting. (e.g. by saying goodbye or going to the bathroom at a party and then talking to other friends)
  • If you're on the phone, say goodbye and hang up before the conversation becomes awkwardly silent.
  • Don't write him too much, regularly let him be the first to write.

We also have a last one and on this topic: Being an independent, self-employed woman who is not easy to “get” does not mean that you can and should be arrogant, ignorant, unfriendly or bitchy. No man admires these qualities in a woman!

You can create attraction and admiration for yourself in a simple, friendly and psychologically skillful way:

  • Instead of not replying to a message at all, every now and then only reply to him after a few hours.
  • Instead of being arrogant and dismissive, just tell him kindly that you don't have time at the moment or that you already have other obligations.

Here, too, the mix has to be right: If you always reply late or cancel all of your meetings, he'll soon get used to it and maybe even lose interest. So sometimes answer quickly and sometimes with a delay. Cancel a meeting every now and then, but sometimes agree to a meeting.

Success will come quickly. He will find that he has to take care of you and sooner or later he will be the one who chases after you. He will wonder why you don't show constant interest even though you get along so well.

What qualities of a woman does a man fall in love with?

Of course, every man has his own personal ideas about the personality and strengths his dream woman should have. But there are some traits in a woman that all men stand for, such as:

  • independence
  • independence
  • tenderness
  • humor

We have already mentioned several times how important it is that you are perceived as an independent and independent woman who does not chase after her dream man and is unconditionally at your feet. However, you can also be classified as a heartless, cold career woman. Every man likes to be pampered by a woman and likes to exchange tenderness.

As is so often the case in life, the right mix of these qualities is the key to success. Show the man in your heart your independence and independence just as you show him what a loving and tender woman you are. If you can do this and you also make him laugh regularly, then your chances are more than good.

PS: At this point we would like to expressly mention that there are of course many other characteristics and personality traits that are important in your plans for recapture. We offer a detailed evaluation as part of our personal situation analysis.

Conquering the 10 biggest mistakes in men

Mistake 1: doing everything right for the man

You do not win the love of your dream man by reading every wish from his lips and always being there for him. On the contrary: Live your own, fulfilling and interesting life. So he will admire you and be happy to be with you.

Mistake 2: indulging in too much

If he is acting unfriendly, unfairly or even arrogantly towards you, then under no circumstances let his behavior unsettle or intimidate you. In such a case, tell him gently but firmly that his behavior is not OK.

Mistake 3: Thinking to understand how a man works and develops love

Don't make hasty judgments or assume that you are the perfect male understanding woman. Be open to other opinions and be aware that there are likely a lot of things about men that you do not understand and do not yet know.

Mistake 4: Not knowing how you are puzzling him

If you don't know how to get him to think about you more, his feelings for you won't grow.

Mistake 5: Revealing feelings too early

One of the biggest mistakes of all: Only show your feelings when you are sure that he feels the same about you. In the best case, it is he who confesses his affection and love to you. If you show your feelings too early, then he will be sure of you and he will no longer feel so strongly attracted to you.

Mistake 6: pretending

Be yourself! Don't pretend to be someone you are not. That won't work in the long run. The original is always more beautiful and better than the copy. Your dream man has to fall in love with you, not someone you are not and do not want to be.

Mistake 7: Getting intimate too quickly / trying to convince with sex and seduction

When touching, kissing and having sex, the hormone oxytocin is released that binds two people together. Intimacy and sex are therefore a very effective means of strengthening an existing bond.

Sex is against it no means of conquering a man. On the contrary, for most men, the ultimate goal is to get you into bed. Once you've done that, your interest quickly fades. On the other hand, as long as you don't let him go to bed with you, he will yearn for you more and more and will try harder for you. So you shouldn't have sex with him until you've already developed a strong bond and feelings for each other.

Mistake 8: Making too big, serious plans too quickly (moving in together, getting married, having children, etc.)

If the man in your dreams is showing feelings for you, don't make the mistake of talking about your future after a short while. Marriage, family and children plans are taboo at first because they put a man under too much pressure, especially at the beginning of a relationship. They also show him that you are hopelessly addicted to him.

Mistake 9: Wanting to change the man / not accepting it

Accept your the man of your heart for who he is. Of course it is correct to address mistakes and problems, but do not try to change him or his personality.

Error 10: Negative attitude

Nobody, neither men nor women, wants to be with someone who is constantly complaining, nagging and blaspheming. Refrain from such behavior and focus on the finer things in life. Radiate a positive attitude and zest for life.

Mistake 11: Let Feelings Guide You

In no case do not let your emotions carry you into rash actions. Before each of your actions, think carefully about what you want to achieve and what reaction it will cause in the man in your heart.

Mistake 12: taking advice from friends

Instead of listening blindly to your friends' advice, question it. Your girlfriends are not right about everything they say, and they are unlikely to be relationship experts either.