Why is Canada so cold

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Weather in Canada and daverage temperatures

Weather in Canada - in this country in the north of the American continent, many people first think of long winters with loads of snow. But if you take a globe to hand, you will see that large cities such as Quebec, Montreal or Ottawa are on the same latitude as central France or Italy.

So that should Weather in Canada be comparable to ours. Ottawa and Milan are roughly on the same latitude, but there are still noticeable temperature differences. There is one in the Canadian city averageAnnual temperature of 5.1 ° C.

The weather in Canada

The weather in Canada is just as diverse as the entire country.
Canada joins the USA to the north and only ends at the Arctic Ocean.
The central areas of Canada have a continental climate. The weather in Canada is characterized by short, very hot summers and long, deep cold wintersin which a lot of snow falls. Snow storms, so-called blizzards, create an image of winter seclusion in us. The further north you go, the shorter spring and autumn in particular become. Especially the northeast of Canada with its mild autumn is considered to be Indian summer known.

In the eastern provinces around the St. Lawrence River there are very sunny, humid summers and cold winters. Spring and autumn are relatively mild. Here it is Weather in Canada so similar to ours. On one snowy winter spring follows with blossoming trees. After a very hot summer, the year is rounding off for me colorful autumn.

Regions and weather in Canada

In the central parts of the country, extreme differences between summer and winter are noticeable. A lack of precipitation means that many steppe-like landscapes can be found here. Canadian summer means temperatures averaging 15 degrees above zero in the north, but night temperatures can drop below zero. So this is not a vacation region for sun worshipers.

As in Europe, the southern regions are more likely to be recommended. Temperatures of up to 35 ° C already prevail here. In winter it is Weather in Canada temperate in the southern climes with -5 ° C to + 10 ° C. If you really want it to be extreme, Canada's north can have temperatures of -40 ° C.
On the west coast of Canada there is a maritime, temperate climate. Abundant rainfall enables lush vegetation here.

The weather in Canada is also suffering from global warming. Six of the ten warmest winters on record in Canada have been in the past ten years.

Besides extreme heat, that has Weather in Canada to offer something for everyone. A unique country therefore has a unique climate. That’s Canada Worth a trip in every season.