The 100 is worth watching

Are the 100 worth seeing? A full review

Developed by Jason Rothenberg, this science fiction drama takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and premiered on the CW network in 2014.

As history and the seasons progressed, new threats emerged, new alliances and various love triangles were created and broken apart.

While there wasn't great acting talent, the fast-paced show always managed to entertain viewers with a new twist just around the corner and breathtaking pictures, costumes and make-up. Read on for a full breakdown as the show enters its seventh and final season.

1. Brief overview

During its 6 years of existence, The 100 struggled to keep viewers interested thanks to inconsistent storytelling. Inconsistent in pace, tension, complexity, and most importantly, ability to entertain.

The show had to keep reinventing itself after the initial premise ran out over the first two seasons.

Though it gets repetitive and boring and there is a bizarre nuclear holocaust when a new twist is needed, The 100 is still a decent science fiction show with a loyal cult following.

2. Is it worth seeing?

The 100 begins as a teenage romantic adventure in a post-apocalyptic world, but the show managed to break that vibe. With scenes of bloody and gruesome violence and the multiple deaths of characters who were part of the first group of a hundred, the show is science fiction delight with a serious undertone.

I. Action

97 years after a nuclear apocalypse ravaged the earth and made it uninhabitable, the remaining survivors of humankind live in a space station orbiting Earth known as the Ark.

Life on the Ark follows a strict rule of law, and any crime is punishable by death unless you are under the age of 18. Three generations of people were born on the ark, and they cannot accommodate everyone. Worse still, his oxygen system is broken and the air is leaking.

The group decides to send one hundred of their juvenile offenders to Earth to see if they are habitable. If they survive the ark will follow them, and if they die it means more air for everyone.

When the group lands on season one, they find that there are still groups of survivors living on the planet who are involved in tribal wars.

In Six Seasons they fought hostile grounders and massacred mountain people. You've fought a sentient AI system, battled criminals, and been to space and back. Many characters have died, relationships have fallen apart, and new ones have formed. There have been several cases of treason and heroism mixed with bloody violence and death.

In the finale of last season, the creators put the survivors into 125 years of cryosleep. In the final season, you will wake up and encounter a newly inhabited planet. We will see the group face new challenges and new villains and enter a new society as they try to undo the wrongs of the past.

II. Cast & Performances

The massive cast of characters is led by Eliza Taylor, who plays Clarke Griffin, the leader of the landing party. She is accompanied by Paige Turco and Thomas McDonnell, among other older actors who play teenagers.

But there are no outstanding achievements The series offers an emotional blow as each character is marked by the incidents and deaths that they have experienced. The death of a few supporting characters doesn't make anyone safe in this apocalyptic universe either.

III. Visuals & music

The makeup and costume departments have done a great job over the years giving us unforgettable villains and characters. From the primitive mountain people to the dark-blooded night blooms, the group encounters a variety of creative characters.

The images of a post-apocalyptic earth with its destroyed and empty cities are terrifying. The Ark space station and Grounder survival camps are well designed and give the show a somber look. The original theme was composed by Liz Phair and Evan Frankfort.

3. Final thoughts

Based on the novel by Kass Morgan, The 100 is a successful CW outing that offers a glimpse into the dystopian post-apocalyptic world.

Is Chambers Good? Is it worth your time? A full review

As the seasons progressed, and when the writers took more creative liberties in inventing new plots, the show was still fun to watch. The fast-paced narration allowed people to overlook certain repetitive elements, and the show was never lacking hair-raising, action-packed sequences.

It's a great show for science fiction lovers, and while the first few episodes are slow, you will be delighted if you give it a chance.

4th grade

History: A.

Cinematography / animation: A.

Direction: B.

Music: B.

Direction: B +

5. Info

The 100

Air date: March 19, 2014Status: OngoingStudio: NetflixNumber of seasons: 7Number of episodes: 86
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