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LESENBILDET - the school building project in Nigeria


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Email: [email protected]

A school for children in Lejja (Nigeria)

Via personal contact with Dr. Uche Obodoechina, a priest from Akaibute, was made aware of this self-help project:

The city of Lejja in Nigeria is located in the diocese of Nsukka in the southeastern state of Enugu. The local population belongs to the IGBO group, one of the four largest ethnic groups in Nigeria. Since the country gained independence from Great Britain in 1960, it has been ruled by poverty and dictatorship, as well as ethnic and religious conflicts. The government does not take care of the children's education, although schooling is compulsory for 7-12 year olds. High school fees make it almost impossible to attend one of the few state schools. More than half of the population has barely the bare essentials for life, and without education and vocational training there is little hope of an improvement in this situation.

The church supports neglected children and young people in numerous projects. It is particularly dedicated to street children, juvenile criminals and addicts, for example. Often she is the only partner of this growing generation.

The Catholic families in Akaibute, a district of Lejja, want to try, despite their limited resources, to give their children a better start in life.

Because they know: "Those who can read have a clear advantage!"

So in 2004 you made the courageous decision to build your own elementary school with a kindergarten. They were supported by their bishop, who himself comes from Lejja. It started in 2005/2006. Since the school is located in a very rural area, an improvement in the infrastructure is planned for the near future, e.g. rainwater is to be collected in cisterns and then treated. In the long term, the salaries of the teachers and the school fees, which are based on the possibilities of the individual families, are to be supported by donations.

So there is a lot to do. For the benefit of this project you can z. B. Donations and proceeds from celebrations or anniversaries on this account bring in:

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