Did Unit 731 really exist

Japan exhumes suspected human experimentation victims

Tokyo - Japanese authorities began exhuming the remains of numerous people on Monday at the site of a World War II military research institute in Tokyo. The facility is said to be in connection with Army Unit 731, stationed in occupied northeast China at the time, which is said to have researched the use of chemical and biological weapons. According to historians, human experiments were carried out on Chinese prisoners of war, which Japan has never officially confirmed.

As early as 1989, the skulls and bones of around 100 people were discovered on the affected site. Seven years later, a former nurse said she helped bury bodies to hide from the US Army after Japan surrendered in 1945. According to this, there are said to be further mass graves on the site. According to the woman's statement, the Japanese government ordered the exhumation that had now begun in 2006. Its beginning was delayed by years because residents of the 3,000 square meter site had to be relocated and buildings had to be demolished.

Unit 731

According to historians, researchers in Unit 731 infected their prisoners with diseases such as cholera or plague, dissected living people, hung upside down, electrocuted or frozen alive. Following the findings in 1989, although the Tokyo government recognized that they could be the remains of medical experiment victims, two years later it ruled that there was insufficient evidence. A government official said the results of the new investigation should be made public. (APA / AFP)