What is a reverse ATM withdrawal

ATM search

With the ATM Locator you can find out worldwide whether there are ATMs at your travel destination and where.

Note: The search results are not always accurate. New machines are still being installed all the time, and these are not always already entered in the database. It is therefore possible that no machine is displayed at your travel destination, but you can still find one there. The reverse case, that automatons no longer exist, is extremely rare. Most of the time, only the bank branch has moved to a different location within the town.


VISA ATM search

VISA ATM Search (Airports Only)

With the VISA ATM search you can select the city from a list in many countries - especially in those where there are not so many ATMs. This gives you an easy overview of the cities in which there are ATMs. The airport search is also practical.

MasterCard / Maestro (EC card)

MasterCard ATM search (also for Maestro) (German, but search fields must be entered in English).

With the MasterCard search, the place name must be entered via the keyboard, which makes this search function somewhat more difficult to use. You already have to know where to look. In addition, you have to use the English spelling of the place, which is partly different from the German one. (Example: Cairo / Kairo, Cologne / Köln)

The most important payment method tips:

Save yourself the fees!

Normally, around 3 to 5% of your vacation budget is spent on fees for changing money or cash withdrawals, and often significantly more for small amounts.

You don't have to put up with that: for some time now, many direct banks have been offering free account packages with credit cards with which you can withdraw money from ATMs in local currency worldwide free of charge and also collect interest on your credit balance - ideal as a vacation account for your trips and trips to save in between.

We have put together the most interesting offers for you on this page. And as it should be for direct banks, the account can also be opened online with all of them.

It's all in the mix

Do not rely solely on a single means of payment! Otherwise, in the event of theft, loss of your card or technical problems, you could quickly find yourself abroad without money.

For normal cases, choose means of payment that are cheap and convenient, for example a combination of cash in local currency and VISA or MasterCard. For exceptional situations, however, you should also take an iron reserve with you in the form of travelers checks and / or cash in a hard currency.

Buy local currency only on site

You should only buy currencies that are normally subject to higher fluctuations in the country you are traveling to. The course is almost always better there.

It is a risk for your house bank to hold stocks of volatile currencies, and this risk is passed on to you in the form of less favorable exchange rates. As a rule, the "softer" a currency, the greater the difference between the buying and selling rates.

If you buy the foreign currency well in advance of the trip, you bear the risk yourself during this time. And if the inflation rate in the travel destination is high, your holiday budget can shrink noticeably within a few weeks.