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Spend your pension abroad

Let's assume that you are not regularly employed. You receive a pension or have other income. What is important when you want to move abroad? Three essential aspects of every emigration are the choice of the right destination, language skills and contact with family and friends.

The choice of destination

Popular destination countries for German pensioners are Spain, Italy, southern France and, outside Europe, the “Sun Belt” in the southern United States. So much for the statistics - but how do you go about it?

Your decision to emigrate to a particular country should be factually based. A two-week holiday in Malta or a one-week ski trip to St. Gallen is not enough for this. Because it's about a life decision, at least one choice for the next eight years. Because, hand on heart: every country is much better on vacation than exhausting Germany. So please don't think about the wonderful vacation stays of the last few years, but ask yourself: What do I want to achieve for myself and my family by emigrating? How should emigration improve and beautify my life? - Write down your ideas. It is usually helpful to translate these notes into goals and wishes. Ask your partner to do the same.

Country list created - what now?

With this list you begin your research to find the right country. Then you will find the right region in the target country, and in it your desired city or municipality. In addition to real estate prices and living expenses, it is important to know the visa requirements. In this regard, the countries of the EU offer a great advantage for emigrants.

Then you go on a research trip to put it to the test. That can be two weeks or two months for trial living, as you like.

When you get home, go through your list of goals and aspirations. Maybe this list can become a reality - maybe it was just a daydream at first. Then just start all over again.

Another little insider tip that scores points in terms of its proximity to Germany and low cost of living: the Polish Baltic coast. So if you haven't found your destination country yet and Spain is too warm for you: Compare the infrastructure, property prices and cost of living with other countries.

linguistic proficiency

As long as you are not fluent in the 24 official languages ​​of the EU, you will get quite a long way in Europe with German and English. Now opinions differ as to whether this will be enough in the long term or not. Everyone has to know that for themselves. Since you do not work in the target country, many language barriers are eliminated for you.

I recommend an online language course in the local language. You will hear the correct pronunciation and you can often join forces with other learners. If you can only say “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “Please” and “Thank you” at the beginning, that's a start. Goodwill and friendliness are more important than speaking grammatically correct.

family and friends

Is your contact with parents, siblings or your children the way you would like them to be? Or do you see yourself too little or are there tensions and unresolved conflicts that are part of everyday family life? Then go out of your way to improve relationships in ways that are satisfactory to you. Because once you are abroad, everything will be more difficult than it is now. The other way around, every strong, harmonious and loving bond will soon mean more to you than before.

Few emigrants build new, strong ties abroad. Loose contacts are easy to make, strong bonds need time and shared experience. Anyone who suffers from a lack of contact in their home country exacerbates this by moving abroad.

So my advice: keep in touch with friends and family, help loved ones where possible. Make a clean sweep if something is bothering you. The relationship with the people who are part of your own life cannot be organized on time. Take care of it immediately.

You haven't done everything with these three tips. But if you know your destination and if you clarify your linguistic ambitions and have mastered at least a few bits of the new language, you have made a start. And when you take care of family and friends, then you have strong support for anything that could go wrong.

Good luck!