How can you live alone

8 things you don't learn until you live alone

The first booth of your own suddenly not only has unbeatable advantages, but also a few marginal phenomena that you didn't even have on your screen. The rose-colored glasses are quickly put aside. Because there are some things that you only learn through life alone that you weren't even aware of before. Things that are very important because through them you learn more about life and about yourself and because you become independent. For example these eight things:

1. The chaos be with you

The first insight after moving out of your parents' house for a few weeks: Nobody tidies up or cleans if you don't do it yourself. The first bunnies are already laughing at you from the corners and the bed linen somehow smelled better at mom's. Who would have thought how much work such a household would be? Lesson 1: We decide how clean or how dirty it is. At the latest when our best friend comes to visit for the first time, we think twice about whether we want to continue to live as a grouch.

2. The 100th ready-made lasagne no longer tastes so good

In the beginning it is still fun to hoard ready meals and Prosecco in the fridge, and everything that you should "eat" because showing the red card is so healthy. Put an end to mom's health dictation. Now we determine what there is! But over time the question arises: Always only the beloved ready-made lasagne? At some point that too will hang up your neck. At some point you start planning weekends and holidays in advance, comparing prices and offers and - even that - cooking. And not that bad at all.

3. Make the home a place for love

A special moment: When you invite the new man over for the first time in your life. In the past, with the parents, you shamefacedly maneuvered gentlemen into your room. It's different now. Crouching together in the kitchen and talking for hours, smooching on the sofa and waking up next morning next to each other - that is your realm now and your guest should feel as comfortable as you. Suddenly you are a host and want to do everything so that HE feels comfortable with you . At first you act like a mixture of nervous head of state and caring Mother Teresa. But over time you create a cozy place for love out of your four walls.

4. One learns to love silence

Anyone who grew up in a large family knows how much hustle and bustle that can mean. If you suddenly live alone, there is no one left to dispute the space in front of the television, the biggest piece of the cake or mum's boot. No quarrel, no admonitions, no peep. Silence. A fact that you have to get used to. But it can also ensure that you find yourself more and have the peace and quiet to listen to yourself. Silence is something beautiful that we hardly knew until then.

5. Being alone doesn't mean being lonely

No friend has time, the shops are already closed and all the TV shows are crap? Suddenly you are on your own and realize: I have to entertain myself. This may be difficult at first, but over time you love that extra time in which you are on your own. Time to look at old photos, time to rummage through the clothes closet for hidden treasures and time to just make yourself a cup of tea, look out the window and let your thoughts fly. And you quickly notice that you can be very busy on your own. How blissful doing nothing can be.

6. Bad mailbox

Instead of the nice postcard from Grandma Anna from vacation, there is now only one thing in the mailbox: bills. GEZ, gas bill and utility bill, plus the bill for cell phones and the Internet - the mailbox quickly becomes an unwelcome enemy. But ignorance and not opening up doesn't help. If you want to be self-employed, you also have to face your bills.

7. Laundry strategies and favorite clothes

Constantly changing outfits and putting the sweater in the laundry after wearing it was yesterday. Ironed and freshly smelling laundry that floats in the closet on its own, too. Our favorite shirt is always dirty when we need it and all the socks in the laundry bin. Desperate call to mom: "Heavy duty detergent or color detergent? And why does your laundry always smell so good and mine doesn't?" Suddenly you become a specialist in whites, spin cycles and color separation (unfortunately only after the first disaster, when the red sweater got into the whites).

8. Shopping completely different

This is also new: suddenly there are things on the shopping list such as mop, toilet paper, dish soap and water softener instead of winter sweaters and shopping for nail polish. In the past, everything stood comfortably in the storage cellar and was refilled again and again as if by magic. It makes your heart bleed a little, for what stupid mammon you have to spend your hard-earned money. In any case, winter sweaters and nail polish have to wait. But for that, yes, for that we bought something much better: our independence. And that feels damn good.

The most beautiful living accessories for your own four walls:

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