Will Wikipedia change its design layout

Wikipedia gets a new design - What is changing

Wikipedia has become an indispensable part of the modern Internet. For more than 20 years, users have had collaborative answers to almost all conceivable questions. The minimalist white layout of the page also catches the eye. The classic wiki look now seems a bit old.

Those responsible at Wikipedia seem to share this view. As announced in a post on Wikimedia, the plan is to update the site's user interface in the coming months and create a consistent experience across the various wikis.

The portal is compared to a wardrobe in which all clothes are currently lying around unsorted. You now want to tidy it up properly and give each element its fixed place.

New design: That's why Wikipedia is getting a new coat of paint

In the blog post, Wikipedia points out that the content of the site has experienced rapid growth in recent years. At the same time, however, the appearance has not evolved. This would make some elements of the site feel inappropriate and overwhelming, which limits the users and authors in the presentation and acquisition of knowledge.

In particular, new users of Wikipedia, who also have little experience with the general operation of the Internet, would often be overwhelmed by the Wikipedia interface. Therefore, the makers want to adapt various aspects of the user interface over several months. The basic identity of Wikipedia as a simple, ad-free website should be retained.

The changes should only be limited to the desktop version of Wikipedia. No information was given in the blog post about changes to the mobile layout.

Wikipedia update: Design changes planned for readers and authors

The first change that Wikipedia users have come to expect is a collapsible sidebar. The aim is to optimize user-friendliness and the focus of the reader on reading or writing. Limiting the width of the columns in the text should also ensure less stress on the eyes when reading and better conditions for greater receptivity.

Switching to another language in the article should also be easier soon. The previous confusing list in the sidebar is to be replaced by a more easily accessible menu in the top right corner. There will soon also be an updated user menu, through which registered users will have easier access to various functions.

In addition, some further optimizations are planned, which Wikipedia would like to introduce gradually. A full list can be found on Mediawiki. If you want to track the first changes now, you can do so as a registered user via various test wikis. The French, Hebrew and Persian Wikipedia were selected for this purpose.

9/24/2020 by Alana Friedrichs