What are you going to do with your life

8 steps to find out what you want to do in your life

Last update: 05 August, 2016

Wisdom is the art of accepting everything that cannot be changed, of changing what can be changed, and above all of knowing the difference between them.

Emperor Marc Aurel

Follow your dreams. Follow your own path. Do what you love How many times have you heard or read something like this? They are wonderful ideas, but they don't mean anything if you haven't defined your dreams yet, haven't found your way, or don't know exactly what you really love.

Dare to have your own dreams, draw your own path and determine what you really love. This is the first step. But the majority of people don't know what their real passion is. And you can't chase your dream if you don't know what it looks like.

On many pages you will read that you need discipline, focus and accountability to achieve your goals. But the problem is much more fundamental. Because, even if it hurts to admit most people fail in life simply because they don't know what to do with their lives.

The path to a successful life begins with determining what true passion moves you. But how? You will find the answer below.

# 1 - Imagine your life in 5 years

Whatever your situation, imagine that all of your dreams have come true in the past few years. Take out pen and paper or open a text document on your PC and write down everything that comes into your head, what your life would be like today.

For 10 minutes (you can set an alarm clock) write about points like: What time you get up, how much money you make, what your job is like, what kind of people you connect with, what your house looks like, what car you drive, what you eat, what life you lead, and how you feel.

We remind you that the task does not relate to what is happening to you, but what would happen to you if your dreams had all come true in recent years.

# 2 - Read books about self-help and memorize the important tips

Reading a good book about self-help is incredibly valuable, provided you are able to adopt and implement some of the ideas from the book.

Indeed it doesn't do you any good to buy a book and then just leave it in the nightstand drawer and wait for something to happen. Does that seem ridiculous to you? The number of people buying these types of books and reading nothing more than the preface would surely seem incredible to you. If a title seems inspiring to you, imagine what you are in the book.

# 3 - Do volunteer work

Getting involved in volunteering lets you get to know interesting, motivated and positive people. It will also help you to discover sides and feelings about things in yourself that you may not have known in your life.

# 4 - Begin the passion you've been wanting to have had for a long time

We all wanted to try something specific at one point or another, but may not have had the opportunity or the courage to do it. The reasons for this can be varied, from "What would people say?" up to "How am I supposed to start this at my age?"

Don't put it off any longer and start doing it today. If you're attracted to anything, it's not without a reason. Stop denying yourself the right to exercise this passion and finally start.

# 5 - Follow an inspiring blog and step into action

Find a blog that you like and inspire you. Then read some articles whose titles seem interesting to you. Dig into the statements that appear on the homepage and read the ones that grab your attention.

After reading it, write down the ideas that spoke to you the most and put them into practice. If this particular content speaks to you, then there is a reason. With this exercise you will learn many things about yourself.

# 6 - Answer the question "What do I want to do?"

Dare to answer this question without any restrictions: "What do I want to do with my life?" And don't hold back. Answers by type "I would like to do this or that, but I can't because ..." do not apply.

# 7 - Realize your fears

What are you scared of? Dare to see that. When we confront our fears, we learn very interesting things about our character. And surprisingly, it creates a special feeling of self-confidence in us, the same feeling you get when you dare to talk to a friend about it.

In addition, recognizing our fears also helps us to look for their origins. It is the first step in overcoming these self-imposed limits that limit us.

# 8 - View your experiences as opportunities to learn

Whatever happens to you, good or bad, always think about what you can learn from it and what the way you approach the situation says about yourself.

If you are able to learn from every situation, you will see things in your life a little more clearly each time.